Evelyn Dean is Principal of E. Dean & Associates

Evelyn Dean is a senior executive consultant with expertise in the area of Organizational Change, Public Sector Management, Human Resource Management, Health, Community and Social Services, Mental Health and Board operated agencies.

She has a successful track record in helping organizations restructure, amalgamate and/or redesign services by providing strong change management, human resource support and leadership. Working with senior executives, Boards and Councils she has helped them to implement effective, efficient and sustainable departmental and corporate business plans, programs and services through a collaborative and team based approach. Her senior management and executive experience in local, regional and territorial governments as Manager, Director, Vice President and Assistant Deputy Minister, has provided her with an excellent working knowledge of the financial, service and human resource issues related to improving organizational and business effectiveness.

Evelyn has been involved with and provided consulting services to various Boards of non-profit organizations over the past twenty years. The focus has been on aligning services with community needs and fiscal realities at the same time as clarifying and aligning Board, staff and volunteer structure to best meet the needs of the clients, community and the funders.

Evelyn has successfully assisted private, public sector, health and not for profit organizations ranging in size from 40 to 12,000 employees. The focus has included change management, organizational planning, rethinking program service and delivery models, priority setting, developing new programs, amalgamating services, downsizing and resolving the resultant human resource and financial issues.

The challenges have been to bring about strategic change in a collaborative and team based approach yet at the same time continue to motivate and support innovative and creative thinking while maintaining a bottom line philosophy of providing quality customer service and remaining responsive to the community.

In addition to a Masters Degree in Social Work, she was an Associate Social Work Practice Professor and honoured in the area of Field Practice Education for her work with graduate students at the University of Toronto.

Most recently, she has been providing a wide range of services in the area of restructuring and amalgamating health services, building a full human resources service where there was none, assessing and improving organizational productivity and performance, implementing proactive recruitment services to address chronic professional shortages and implementing a very proactive workplace health and safety initiative to reduce costs and improve retention.