The Jobchart System

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Job Evaluation is central to a Salary Administration and pay equity program. The Job Evaluation System, the Jobchart System®, is widely used in a broad variety of sectors and is appreciated for its straightforward approach, speed of application, user-friendly application (both for employee and employer!), and maintainability. The system was specifically designed to simplify Job Description, Job Evaluation and Salary Administration, but has been applied across Canada, as well as in England, Ireland, Spain, and West Africa.

The Jobchart System® has been implemented in a variety of organizations across many industries to meet varying business cultures. Each of the job evaluation consulting clients is provided an Administrator's Manual, which is complete with their own benchmark examples and tailored to their organization. This manual is often praised by our clients as enabling them to maintain their Job Evaluation Program and meet the needs of organization change on into the future without ongoing external consulting support.

It has numerous advantages in a time of rapid change:

A simplified questionnaire allows valid employee participation regardless of the level or kind of job;
Interviews with job holders supplement questionnaire completion and provide solid documentation;
Brief Task Lists summarize the jobs in an easily maintainable form, and can be built on to meet recruitment, training, and performance management needs;
Scoring is rapid and well documented;
Results are presented in a format which can be audited by senior management;
The data collection methodology, straightforward approach and believable results lead to high credibility on both the part of management and employees;
Checks in the system encourage accurate evaluation and discourage the gradual upward creep of job scores;
The methodology is able to reveal flaws in the organization, such as excessive or insufficient levels of supervision, inadequate job structures, and gaps in promotion paths;
The Jobchart System® can be applied to all jobs in any organization, from top to bottom and across all job families;
The Jobchart System® links well to salary survey, salary structure and performance pay systems;
The Jobchart System® has a supporting computer software program that can be used for task list writing, job evaluation documentation, and salary administration.
The Jobchart System® software, once installed with adequate staff training, can be maintained without continued consulting support;
The Jobchart System® has a multitude of applications under Pay Equity Legislation in both union and non union situations, and is particularly acceptable because of the data collection methodology, ability to value any job, and strong documentation. (These same strengths have also been valuable outside the legislated environment.)