Susan Shannon, A.M.C.T.

Susan Shannon is Principal Owner of muniSERV and Shaping Organizational Solutions (SOS). She is an experienced organizational and municipal specialist, with over nineteen (19) years of proven senior municipal management and provincial government experience. In 2008 she started SOS, a municipal needs consulting firm, and in October 2013 after identifying a need, she launched - a website to connect municipalities to the consulting and other professional services they need.

A Real Business Solution for Both of US

Susan has a thorough understanding of the focus and needs of municipal councils and staff and knows first-hand the challenges municipalities face when establishing new organizational structures. She is able to communicate with, and motivate a team to achieve results. Her experience in issues management for the Assistant Deputy Fire Marshal, in the Office of the Fire Marshal provides knowledge of current and pending legislation affecting municipalities.

Proven Experience
Project Coordinator for the LUMCO (Large Urban Municipal Caucus of Ontario) and MARCO (Mayors and Regional Chairs of Ontario) Emergency Services Steering Committee (ESSC). Supported the ESSC in developing a more coordinated, strategic approach to labour cost containment issues in emergency services. (2008 to present)
Ontario Human Resources Association - supports the OMHRA Board of Directors on strategic planning, metrics and policy development matters. (2011 to present)
Provided leadership to the Office of the Fire Marshal, as project lead to design a provincial one-day workshop and resource guidebook for municipal councils and senior municipal staff - "Essentials of Fire Protection - A Decision Maker's Guide". Facilitated the initial roll-out of this new seminar series throughout the province to ensure it met the needs of the target audience and was nominated for a Provincial Ovation Award for her leadership and the design of the seminar and resource guidebook.
Conducted a Hazard Identification Risk Assessment (HIRA) and developed the Business Continuity Plan, the Pandemic Plan, the Employee Family Support Plan and the Communications Strategy Plan, for the Office of the Fire. Created an emergency and pandemic plan exercise to test the emergency management plans and facilitated a table-top training exercise with staff to assist them with understanding their roles and responsibilities under the plan.
Surveyed and interviewed the staff of the Township of Georgian Bay and used their input to design the new organizational structure resulting in improved efficiency and cost savings. Designed new job descriptions and governance documents for the new structure that supported and motivated staff. Conducted in-depth service delivery reviews and streamlined operational procedures providing fiscal responsibility.