Our Services

Restructuring and Organizational Change Support

  • Developing and implementing effective change processes within functions, departments or the organization
  • Assisting organizations to effectively review, evaluate and redesign their services
  • Team building and leadership
  • Strategic planning
  • Coaching, mentoring
  • Aligning work culture to support change
  • Provide support and training in effectively managing change and redesign
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    Provision of Human Resource Services and Expertise

    “On site” Human Resource services/expertise as required to meet short term or project needs Recruitment and strategies for “hard to recruit” positions
    Evaluate and/or develop human resource policies and procedures Policy Reviews and Development
    Redesign, realign human resource structures and services to more effectively meet operational and business requirements, incorporating legislative compliance and best practices Training and Facilitation

    Innovative and collaborative tools.
    Compensation, Salary Administration Employment Equity/Human Rights/Diversity
    Pay Equity Reviews, Job Evaluation, Salary Surveys Human Rights Complaints, investigations and best practices
    Job Description and Job Evaluation Software HR audits/legislative compliance
    Workplace Health and Safety Develop and implement growth or downsizing strategies
    Labour Relations, Collective Bargaining Support Implementation of Employee Assistance programs
    Training and support to assess and resolve union/management concerns

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