Human Resource Services Sample Projects

Reviews, Design of Human Resource Services

Established a full Human Resources function where there was none, to support management of a new Health Region to integrate and redesign health care services
In an established organization, redesigned and reduced corporate Human Resource expenditures annually over three fiscal years
Implemented strategies to change workplace culture to meet retention and recruitment objectives and support innovation

Compensation and Pay Equity

Successfully completed many pay equity reviews for organizations from 40 staff to 12, 000
Reviewed and implemented new terms and conditions of employment, benefit packages and labour practices resulting in cost savings.
Reviewed, developed and implemented Job Evaluation and Salary Administration systems for large and small public sector and not-for profit organizations
Developed policies, practices and procedures responding to organizational and/or pay equity concerns
Implemented job evaluation and job description software to assist organizations to sustain systems without the need for ongoing consultant support
Developed and implemented pay for performance policies and procedures
Completed wage/salary surveys for a variety of organizations including reviews of Council remuneration

Workplace Health and Safety

Developed an Ability Management program within an integrated Workplace Health and Safety infrastructure to begin reducing high levels of absenteeism, overtime and reduce costs resulting in improvement in # of days lost due to injury and improvement in lost time injuries
Implemented corporate-wide Employee and Family Assistance Programs


Reviewed, developed and implemented a full range of recruitment and selection services for the hiring of CAO’s, CEO’s, Executive Management and hard-to recruit staff as well as dealing with growth and downsizing strategies and contract development

Employee Relations

Oversaw the development of a Collective Agreement during challenging times requiring reductions without a strike
Oversaw the management of a provincial strike within a multi-site health authority
Reviewed Labour Relations activities and developed proactive approaches to reducing exceptionally high arbitration, grievance and appeal levels
Developed effective organizational and departmental strategies dealing with union/management issues to assist with growth, downsizing or restructuring of services to meet organizational objectives
Provided senior managers with support/expertise and training to resolve challenging employee relations issues

Training and Development

Facilitated groups through highly controversial changes or new services
Provided strategic planning exercises, business planning, mediation, facilitation and stakeholder management services to various Boards, Transition Teams, Councils and restructuring projects
Implemented leadership development plans to meet major corporate objectives
Provided senior management and Board training in various aspects of Effective Board operations, strategic and operational planning, human resource management skills including labour relations, recruitment and selection, compensation, competency development, performance management, Human Rights/Equity and team building,
Implemented Train the Trainer to maximize training capacity

Policies and Procedures

Reviewed, developed and implemented a variety of Human Resource policies such as: Respect in the Workplace, Employment Equity, recruitment, salary administration, hiring and selection, return to work, employee relations, health and safety, terms and conditions of employment, compensation, benefits administration, education, training and development
Audited, reviewed and developed organizational Human Resource Policy manuals