Restructuring and Organizational Change Support
Sample Projects

Supported a new Executive Team to implement a process for the effective restructuring and integration of 16 Health Boards with 48 worksites and 7 major bargaining tables
Established processes to review, restructure and/or redesign major health services to incorporate best practices, meet changing provincial objectives and identify cost savings
Worked with operational departments to explore and/or implement alternate service delivery models and created local memorandums of understanding for cooperative union-management initiatives to implement changes
Reviewed and developed Council, Board, Committee and organizational structures and helped resolve program, human resource and financial issues as they arose regarding the development, restructuring, transfer, amalgamation and/or integration of a full range of municipal, public sector and NGO services
Developed and/or refocused business implementation plans and specific workplans to improve results including alignment with key deliverables and strategies, resources, impacts and performance measures
Reviewed the Employment Services unit resulting in the redesign, development, implementation and evaluation of employment services, eliminating some and contracting out others; reducing the budget by half while increasing service to clients by three-fold
Evaluated the Family Benefits Unit, resulting in increased service and decreased administration costs