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The Beat Goes On...
a community based healthy living program for Bruce and Grey Counties.

    Heart disease is the leading cause of death. Current statistics show that Bruce County has the third highest rate of death from heart disease in Ontario (37% above the provincial average!). Grey County's incidence is more than 20% higher than the rest of the province.

    Unhealthy lifestyles are responsible for half of all early deaths. We can improve our heart health by making healthy lifestyle changes.

The Beat Goes On...
...encourages each of us to become aware of our heart health.

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Eat Well

Eating too much fat increases your risk of heart disease. More than 90% of Grey and Bruce residents eat too much fat.
Enjoy a variety of foods according to Canada's Food Guide.
Eat more breads, cereals, other grain products, vegetables and fruits. Snack on fruits and vegetables.
Choose fat-free or low-fat dairy products, leaner meats and foods prepared with little or no fat.

Be Smoke-Free
Both smoking and second-hand smoke increase your risk of heart disease. Nicotine injures the lining of blood vessels and increases the build-up of fatty deposits. This can lead to heart disease or stroke. Tobacco smoke also makes the heart work harder.
If you don't smoke, don't start. If you smoke, try to quit. If at first you don't succeed, try, try again.
Avoid second-hand smoke, especially in enclosed places.

Be Active
Inactive people are twice as likely to have heart attacks as more active people. Both children and adults need at least 60 minutes of physical activity daily.
Walking, cycling, dancing, skating and swimming are some fun ways to become more active.
Turn off the T.V. or computer and move!
If you find 60 minutes, try to fit in two or three shorter periods for your favourite activities during the day.
If you are over 50 or have any medical conditions, check with your doctor first.

How We Help

Walk Your Way - a walking program designed to help people of all ages make heart healthy changes in how they live.
Women and Heart Disease - a community forum focusing on reducing the risks of heart disease specific for women.
Keep on Ticking…-with low fat choices - a project promoting heart healthy foods, taste testing, cooking etc.
Good Food Box - an opportunity to cooperatively buy fresh fruits and vegetables at an affordable price.
Moving On - an initiative to encourage daily physical activity among students and school staff.
Community Gardens - An opportunity for students to participate in a community project, learn about gardening and nutrition as well as enjoy bring physically active.
Senior Physical Activity Ambassadors Program - Promote physical activity to seniors in the community. 
Heart Smart Cooking - a hands on course focussing on low fat cooking
Physical Activity in Seniors - an initiative which assists senior leaders to develop local support systems in their communities.
The Beat Goes On…Awards - a way of recognizing individuals, schools and workplaces that have adopted heart healthy lifestyles.
Smoke-free Spaces - a campaign promoting smoke-free environments where people work, live and play.
Quitting Takes Practice - a self-help smoking cessation program.
Worksite Wellness - Worksites offered suggested health programs and assisted in developing healthy lifestyle policies for employee's.

Grey-Bruce Heart Health Steering Committee

Bruce Grey Catholic District School Board
Bluewater District School Board
Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound Health Unit
Family "Y"
Grey-Bruce Health Services
Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario
The Lung Association
Victoria Order of Nurses
Cancer Society
Cardiac Rehabilitation
C.M.H.A. Canadian Mental Health Association
3 Independent members

Additional Project Partners

South East Grey Community Outreach
Grey-Bruce Food Security Network
Community Coalition for Prevention of Falls in Older Adults
Market Grey-Bruce
Grey-Bruce Nutrition Committee
Grey-Bruce Council on Smoking and Health

Grey-Bruce Heart Health
If you would like to volunteer, get more information or be on our mailing list
Please contact the Grey-Bruce Heart Health Coordinator: Mary Lynn Barron
C/o Grey Bruce Health Unit.
920 1st Ave West, Owen Sound, N4K 4K5
Phone: 519-376-9420, Fax: 519-376-1287, Email:

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