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Febuary 2001


Looking for Local Heroes

by Susan Shular, Heart Health Co-ordinator

As we celebrate Heart Health month, Grey-Bruce Heart Health is once again accepting nominations for the Beat Goes On Awards. These awards were set up to recognize Grey & Bruce residents who are lowering their risk of heart disease and influencing others to do the same. If you know of an individual, work site or school that encourages and provides smoke-free spaces, physical activity and healthier eating we want to know about it. Nominations will be accepted until February 9th. The winners will be chosen and announced later in February. To make a nomination just send me your name and address, and your nominees name, address, phone number and a brief description of how they have become more heart healthy and influenced others as well. Your nominee could be recognized for their efforts and help Grey-Bruce Heart Health influence others to become heart healthier too.

call us

Grey-Bruce Heart Health

If you would like to volunteer, get more information or be on our mailing list, please contact the Grey-Bruce Heart Health Co-ordinator:

 c/o Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound Health Unit
920 First Avenue West
Owen Sound ON N4K 2K5
Phone:  (519) 376-9420 or 1-800-263-3456
Fax: (519) 376-1287

Ontario's Healthy Restaurant Program
by Tena Van't Foort, Public Health Nutritionist

Text Box:  In the last couple of issues of The Beat, we have given you some tips on making healthier choices when eating out.   If you like to eat out, as do most Canadians - and be heart healthy, you will also be interested in a program coming to this area soon.  Eat Smart! is a provincial initiative designed to encourage healthy food choices, safe food handling and smoke free eating at restaurants across Ontario.  Restaurants that qualify for the Eat Smart! certification will offer you:


Examples of a variety of healthier food choices
On the Menu

ü   at least 4 choices of vegetables and fruit

ü   2%, 1% or skim milk, if milk is served as a beverage
Upon Request

ü      milk as an alternative to cream for coffee and tea

ü      a substitute for French fries if they are served as part of an entrée


ü  a good Public Health inspection record, as well as at least one full time employee certified as a Safe Food handler 

Text Box: If you would like MORE INFORMATION NOW,
the Heart Health Coordinator


ü        the restaurant must have at least 50% of the seating area designated as non-smoking.

ü   this seating must be altogether in one area, not in the centre of the establishment, with appropriate signs posted.

Eat Smart! is a program endorsed by the Canadian Cancer Society and the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario.

20 Health Units across Ontario have implemented Eat Smart!.  There are now over 500 Eat Smart! restaurants in Ontario.

We hope to have several Eat Smart! restaurants in Grey-Bruce by mid-year


Eat…. for Your Heart's Content -  by Liz Owen, Public Health Nurse

Anne Lindsay has sold more than one and a half million cookbooks and is a leading expert on healthy eating and cooking.  She also appears on radio and TV and develops recipes for the popular milk calendar.

  To help us improve our health, Anne will share her easy and practical ideas for appetizing and appealing meals.  Information on why we need more fruits and vegetables, the importance of milk, cutting down on fat and choosing the better fats, will be included.

·      Surveys in Ontario indicate that only one person in three eats five or more servings of vegetables and fruits.  Canada's Food Guide recommends five to ten servings daily.

·     Nutrition related chronic diseases are prevalent in Canada, resulting in disability and premature death for many people.

·      Poor nutrition increases the risk of cardiovascular disorders, diabetes, some cancers and osteoporosis.

·      Health Canada estimates the annual economic burden of unhealthy eating is approximately $6.3 billion.


 Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound Health Unit Nutritionist, Tena Van't Foort will do a cooking demonstration and encourage you to taste test.

  Anne Lindsay is a delightful speaker.  She will bring healthy eating to life in a way everyone can relate to and understand.  In addition, there will be additional resources for participants”,  says Susan Shular, Grey Bruce Heart Health Coordinator.

  Anne is committed to finding ways to make healthy foods fun to make, delicious to eat and easy on the budget.  Her cookbooks will be available for purchase.

Text Box: Anne Lindsay, Author
Smart Cooking			The Lighthearted Cookbook
Lighthearted Everyday Cooking			Light Kitchen
New Light Cooking

Thursday February 8, 2001
7:00 to 9:00 p.m.
Grace United Church - 310 12th Street Hanover
$10 Admission includes
Refreshments Displays Resources & Prizes

For ticket locations call the Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound Health Unit
881-1920 or 1-800-821-7714



by Jill McFadden-Bartley, School Programs Coordinator, Grey-Bruce Heart & Stroke Foundation

Text Box:  A recent Globe and Mail article said Canadian kids are getting fatter.  Junk food, poor eating habits, television, the computer and Internet, are all culprits. Children walk less, often getting rides to school and other activities. Many youths don’t find exercise pleasurable.

Recent research has shown youngsters’ health can be improved by accumulating 20-30 minutes of moderate physical activity per day. How can parents help?  Enroll children in lessons (such as swimming, skating, golf etc) in their early years, and register them in sports (like baseball, soccer and basketball), which help teach basic skills. Children then have confidence and want to participate in sports.  Model physical activity.  Go out for a walk, play road hockey, shoot some baskets together, go biking, swimming, or play soccer in the park.  Get active together and enjoy socializing with your children at the same time.

The Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario actively promotes PlaySkills and HeartSmart Family Activities by placing Heart Healthy Kids’ Kits in schools. They have great curriculum-approved resources for school and home use.

As well, the Foundation has two educational based fitness events that combine physical activity, health promotion and fundraising, “JUMP FOR HEART” and “HOOPS FOR HEART”. Children have fun, are active, raise funds for heart health promotion and research, and have the opportunity to earn great incentive prizes for themselves and their school. Skipping ropes, and materials that make the event easy to organize are supplied.Text Box: If you are a parent, teacher, or parent council member
wishing to know more about these great programs,
Call: Jill McFadden-Bartley, School Programs Coordinator 
Phone - 519-371-0083
Fax -  371-8164

Make Walking Part of Your Day!

This walking program is for all ages and will help you

to stick to it.

An informative and useful journal as well as a graph to chart your success is available free.  Just call the Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound Health Unit office nearest you and

                get walking!




by Bill Pike, Principal, Huron Heights Public School

The Movin' On program at Huron Heights just might change to the MOOOOOOVIN’On stage if the students complete 20,000 more kilometers before June.  Principal Bill Pike has already smooched a bovine when the kids completed his first challenge of 1, 000 km in just six weeks. An eager parent at the kick off assembly suggested a cow for 20,000 km, so the die was cast.

Grade eight students take turns each lunch hour in giving out Popsicle sticks to walkers/runners who circulate the 500 m perimeter of the back playground.Text Box:

The hot and heavy pace of the first six weeks has tempered due to biting cold weather and deep snow banks. Students are able to claim credit for kilometers walked at home under the supervision of a parent, since Movin' On isn't only a school event! At Huron Heights we are proud to be part of the Provincial initiative called ACTIVE SCHOOLS and are working hard to complete all areas of the award before June 2001.


Grey-Bruce Heart Health Partners include the following:  Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound Health Unit, Bluewater District School Board, Bruce-Grey Catholic District School Board, St. John Ambulance, Canadian Cancer Society Bluewater Unit, Owen Sound Family "Y", Heart & Stroke Foundation of Ontario, Lake Huron Zone Recreationists Association, Grey-Bruce Health Services, Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, The Lung Association, Beaver Valley Outreach, Grey-Bruce Food Security Network, Market Grey-Bruce, Community Coalition for Prevention of Falls in Older Adults, Grey Bruce Council on Smoking and Health, Saugeen Shores Community Services, Grey-Bruce Nutrition Committee.  If you would like more information on Grey-Bruce Heart Health, contact Susan Shular, Heart Health Coordinator at 1-800-263-3456 or 376-9420.

Funding for Heart Health initiatives is provided by the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care and is matched dollar for dollar by in-kind contributions from the Board of Health and from the project partners.

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