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History of the Walkerton Kinette Club

The Walkerton Kinette Club began as an auxiliary of the Walkerton Kinsmen Club in 1950. To become a member in those early days your husband had to be a Kinsmen first.

The Walkerton Kinettes have been reguarly active in their community. The Kinettes have raised money through various means. Bingos, dances, bake sales, raffles and serving dinners have been a few of these projects. In the past Kinettes have given to building funds such as the pool and the library, as well as to other organizations such as Boy Scouts, Girl Guides, the Day Care Centre, Block Parents Recreation Department, Areana and other worthy events.

In 1988, the association took a huge step in its evolution by incorporating the Kinette Club of Canada with the Kinsmen (making them equal). This paved the way for Kinettes to add to their membership by asking young women between the ages of 18 and 45 to join their organization. As of 1999 the age limit was removed.

At present, the Walkerton Kinettes continue to serve their community's greatest needs. We hold two babysitting courses a year, hold an annual birthday party at a local hospital, provide a kids bingo during March break, help the Kinsmen with the Christmas parade float and opearate the annual Santa's Workshop where children can meet Santa and receive a treat

We also raise money for our community through raffles, and we provide services such as holding BBQs and lending our support where needed. We also help to raise money for our National project Cystic Fibrosis.

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