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E. Coli Tragedy and The Kinsmen and Kinette Trust Fund

Around May 17th, 2000 the residents of Walkerton begun to show signs of a serious illness and were flooding the local hospital emergency room by the long weekend in May. By May 21st the Health Unit received it's first positive culture of E.coli 0157. On Tuesday May 23, 2000 E.coli 0157 was confirmed to be in Walkerton's water supply. As of July 23rd, 2000 there have been 7 known deaths due to this bacterial contamination, dozens of people have been seriously affected and hundreds if not a thousand people sick. Walkerton has been under a boil water advisory since Sunday May 21, 2000, and at this moment we do not know when it will be lifted.

At the beginning of this crisis it became evident that the victims of this crisis had to be flown out to either Owen Sound or London Hospitals to receive specialized care. Families of these victims were incurring extensive bills from having to stay out of town to be with their loved ones.

The Kinsmen and Kinette Clubs of Walkerton wanted to help these families during their time of crisis and they established a trust fund to help the immediate families of the victims and/or direct victims of the E.coli outbreak. This fund was established to assist in defraying costs incurred by the immediate families of victims and/or the victims themselves.

As of July 27, 2000 we have raised $390,000 and have handed out close to $200,000 to affected families and victoms of this crisis. Our first priority is to address the immediate and urgent needs of family members directly affected. Once the emergency nature of this crisis recedes, the committee will determine policy regarding the disbursement of surplus funds, if any. In response to this need, a Trust Fund Account was established at the Bank of Montreal in Walkerton. Anyone wishing to donate to this fund can do so at any Bank of Montreal, or you can mail your cheques to:

Kin Association Trust Fund
Box #1175
Walkerton, Ontario
N0G 2V0

As of Dec. 31, 2000 we have raised over $450,000.


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