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Creating the Labyrinth
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The statue at the centre of the Kincardine Labyrinth Peace Garden represents the energy of Eirene, the Greek Goddess of Peace. Her Roman name is Pax. She is one the 3 "Horae, personifications of the seasons. In representing the seasons of the year, which was then divided into only 3 parts: the first season was "Thallo" aloso known as "blooming; the second was Auxo or "growth"; and the third was Carpo, meaning "vegetation". The three sisters, the Horae, were named Dike who stood for "right", Eunomia who stood for "legality" and Eirene who stood for "peace". As the universal need in our worlde today, "Peace" seemed to be timely and an elegant reminder that in our life's journey, no manter how convoluted and copnfusing it may be, there is, at the centre, a point of utter stillness. The Hebrews called that stillness at the centre that is peace "shalom" because it stood for peace in the midst of chaos and turmoil. Our Eirene stands on the 3 elements "air, fire and water" and holds the 4th element "world" in her hands to remind us that all in creation is composed of those 4 elements. They are the basic building blocks of matter.

Eirene was the most cheerful of the three siwsters and was believed to be the guardian of songs and festivities... hence is fitting to celebrate cermonies in this location. She was the daughter of Zeus and Themis (or Justice) and is thought to be the mother of Pluto, the god of Wealth. In some circles she is also the guardian of wealth, especially wealth in peace. Thus we sing to Eirene, the Goddess of Peace, Mother of Air, Fire, Water and Earth, to guard our circle and grant our desires.

Eirene was a source of inspiration for ancient artists, writers and poets and they believed that much of their creation was inspired by her deeply peaceful presence. The inspiration for the statue of Eirene came to Betty Conlin in a dream. As an artist, her concept is that, since a Labyrinth is art of the earth, the sculpture in the centre should be built in rough form to represent this medium to its fullest. The armature was built by Concepts Plus, covered with steel mesh and hand built with concrete by Betty Conlin and John Cushing.