This space is dedicated to all the volunteers who have maintained the gardens working on projects to make the Labyrinth what it is today. This year's volunteers include: Aggie Toelly, Anna Veenman, Barb and Bob Simpson, Betty Lamont, Bonnie MacDonald,Cheryll and Peter Tucker, Gloria Lloyd, Chris Evans, John Borsyewicz, Karen Landers, Marlene Campbell, May and Peter Kirpatrick, Mary H Campbell, and Ruth Shane. We would also like to express our gratitude to our anonymous Friends of the Labyrinth Peace Garden, whose generous donation of time, energy and/or financial contribution keep these lovely gardens blooming.

Top photo:Cheryl Tucker gardening. Bottom left Photo:Peter Kirpatrick, May Kirpatrick, Cheryll Tucker and Peter Tucker enjoying a cupcake and juice; Right photo:The table christened by the following volunteers: Betty Lamont, Gloria Lloyd, Aggie Toelly and Betty Conlin


This year a special mention has to go to the "Small Acts Team" who tend the Green Section of the Labyrinth...From left to right they are Bonnie MacDonald, Chris Evans, Ruth Shane, Joan Blewett, and Marlene Campbell. Two who are missing are Dorothy McKegney and Bonnie Phillips. A group of retired school teachers who perform small acts of kindness in the community have done an amazing job - one morning every second week..... No picture is complete without a frame...A big THANK-YOU to Peter Tucker who brings his riding lawnmower down and mows the long grass around the labyrinth (when the town can't get to it), framing it nicely.

  Betty Lamont
Marilyn Skingley
Barb Simpson
Cheryl Murray
Jan, Gord and Alex Johnstone
Tracey, Maia & Ran Hinchberger
Colleen Jacob
Stephen Jacob
Marlene Campbell
Ruth Shane
Bonnie MacDonald
Dorothy McKegney
  Chris Evans
Bonnie Phillips
Joan Blewett
Betty Conlin
Janice Matchett
Paula Cartland
Patti Sheddon
Gloria and Murray Lloyd
Cheryll & Peter Tucker

This space is dedicated the Kincardine Air Cadets who for 3 years have given up a Saturday and worked hard to create the paths, beds and woodchip border around the Labyrinth - without them the Labyrinth would be lost in the meadow- THANK YOU
2005 Volunteers: Darren Rutledge WO2, Hannah Millery Cpl., Michael Doyle AC, Jason Phillips LAC, Rachel Hilbig LAC, Cassandra Kleebaum LAC, Josh Oberin F-Sgt, Matt Bradley Sgt, Amand Paquet Cpl, Nick Rutledge LAC, Wayne Vandeveld LAC, Adriana Vanderveld, David Ellis LAC, Bob Grey Officer AC, Captain Bruce Clift, Ken Macksey Officer AC

In 2004, upon completion of Eirene, several volunteers worked hard to install the statue to it's present location in the center of the labyrinth.