1-(519)-353-5773                           macnamara@bmts.com              660 Queen St. Paisley, ON

     The MacNamara Gallery in Paisley is truly a unique shop. As well as a goldsmithing studio and lapidary shop, it represents a wide variety of talented Canadian artisans. The original works exhibited there include raku fired sculptural pottery, turned and carved wooden vessels, bronze casted sculptures, paper mache creatures, recycled glass wind chimes, stain glass hangings, lyrical wrought iron candle holders, hand blown glass items, and much, much more.

     The appreciation of Canadian artistic creations is a strong focus in the gallery section of their studio. They surround themselves with other creative Canadian’s works by exhibiting them in their gallery. Finding appropriate venues to display one’s works in, is a major challenge for artisans everywhere. The MacNamara’s have developed a space that is relaxed, informative, and open enough to show each artists work individually.The MacNamara's know the artists they represent very well, having endured many craft shows with them, and therefore can describe and discuss much about what goes into their pieces.

     Although they have been in Paisley since 1990 and they’ve had a store since 1993, it was only at the beginning of 1998 that they combined the home and gallery/studio into one location. They acquired a century plus some heritage building on the main street of the historical village of Paisley. The building has required many renovations and will continue to be upgraded for the next few years. The space is very exciting, very open, lots of natural light, and their favorite thing is that it is a 22 stair commute.

     1999 will see the addition of the art garden of their own design in the back courtyard, complete with ponds, raised rock wall beds, trellises and many outdoor art items for sale. The cafe next door is planning on adjoining the garden with a patio - sure to be a lovely spot to repose on a sunny afternoon.