First Baptist Church

First Baptist Church

First Baptist Church is located at 35 Trowbridge St W in downtown Meaford.

Our worship services are Sundays at 11:00 am.

You can contact us at 519-538-2533 or email us here.


First Baptist Church is a loving family that:

Seeks God through worship, prayer and biblical teaching and

Embraces our community through acts of service and compassion. 

First Baptist Church located in Meaford, Ontario was officially established in 1884.  It had its beginnings earlier than that in the nearby village of Cape Rich, where pioneers met in their homes for prayer and Bible study. Growing too large in number, they soon erected their own building where they attended prayer meetings, Bible studies and Sunday morning worship.  When Meaford became a town, many residents of Cape Rich chose to relocate into town and soon established Meaford Baptist Church as a plant from the church in Cape Rich.  The church first met in the town hall, but soon decided it was in their best interest financially, to build their own church building.  The founding pastor, Rev Alex MacIntyre, dedicated many hours to local congregations, conducting three services over a weekend for nearby local congregations as well as his obligation to Meaford Baptist Church.  In 1962, it was decided by the congregation to change its name to First Baptist Church, which is still its name today.  There have been 30 ministers who have served the congregation of First Baptist church, ranging from one to fourteen years in length since its inception in 1884.


Loving God, Loving People