In recent years special interest groups, many created by the United Nations, have flooded the world’s information highways with dire predictions of looming environmental disaster. These scary prophecies are often based on unproven science or no science at all. Nonetheless, they routinely clog the Internet, are widely read, seldom challenged and frequently denounce private ownership and use of rural land as a root cause of ecological degradation on Planet Earth.


Obviously, every member of our global village must practice environmental vigilance. But there is an equally pressing need to question the opinions of those who find, in the hugely profitable environment industry, personal fame and fortune by preaching a gospel of approaching doom.


Visiting the Internet web sites listed below may help answer that need.. And so provide some informed balance, whether by deduction or comparison, in the swirling torrent of electronic propaganda designed to enlarge our environmental anxieties. By the way, the first site listed is of particular interest since its many sub-pages hint at the vast, money- driven landscape of programs and payroll on which this single, entrenched U.N. initiative depends.

___________________________________________________________________________________ Extensive information about Sustainable Development, Convention for Biological Diversity, International Conservation Union, Agenda 21 and other examples of U.N. half truths and make-work activities. Review Smart Growth, Greenbelt, Nutrient Management, Endangered Species, etc., under various Queen’s Park agencies on this Ontario government site. Does this mean rural landowners are being regulated, one draconian statute at a time, into virtual bankruptcy? YOU decide!  Click “Articles by Lawrence Solomon” & scroll down to National Post April 21 and April 14, 2004 to see what a 101-page Panel Report on the Role of Government really says about the future of rural Ontario over the next 30 years. Welcome to tomorrow!­_listing/charity_listings-e.html This Canada Customs Review Agency site includes all Canadian charities and environmental groups enriched by tax exempt status and government hand-outs. Check out how they spend your money.                                    Whatever their warm and fuzzy content, these sites                               confirm that many people, lots of talent and billions of              dollars are working hard to transfer private property to                                      public benefit by regulation without compensation.                         Click on "Suggested Links" to see other instructive web pages


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