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May 31, 2007 __________________________________________________  
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Today was the start of great things for a dear friend I have grown to love terribly. 

She came to me with two young pups, and had been found drinking out of the ditch. Her pups fed from her, and she foraged for food. Sadie was not homeless, just neglected in her home. It turned out all of her eight years were spent like this. She had to deal with cold winters, hot summers and was only given what the ditch gave her to drink. She also had to tend to at least six litters of pups in as many years of her life. 

Today, Sadie met a friend Dr. Kathy Gadd, who will be doing Sadie's spay. Sadie is now done with that horrible life and finished having puppies. She has a few potential homes lined up and I can't wait to start talking to them.

She will be returning tomorrow where I will put her on my list. She will need a home with a comfy bed, have food in her dish, fresh water to drink and this sweet, sweet girl really loves to be loved and deserves nothing less.

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May 29, 2007 __________________________________________________

Knock, Knock, Knock


New picture of the mess:

reno1.jpg (172635 bytes)

Knock, Knock, Knock
I anticipated the mess, but not the noise! 

My morning went like this ... bang-bang-bang ... buzz-buzz-buzz ... bark-bark-bark... and on-and-on. I think you get the picture. Have you seen the Tylenol commercial, with the shelter cats? Well, that is me on a typical day, so I tolerate a lot, but by 11:00 am I was fighting one killer headache.

My concern, of course, was for my friends whose hearing is so much more sensitive than mine. Thank goodness for our dog walkers ... the dogs were all given extremely long breaks from it all ... AND a dip in the pool! The shuffling continued all day.

By 2:00 pm that headache was pretty bad and then someone yells "we have a problem, we are going to have to leave the doors off ... we have to leave it open". I had to use my self control and not bark back ... it was pretty obvious all the reasons why we couldn't leave the doors off! I had to walk away from that one (it would have hurt my head).

By 3:00 pm a new problem arose, now we don't have walls on the back, our cages are limited, space limited and extreme stress ... then we get in two stray dogs! Luckily, we have crates and placed one in the kitchen and the other in the bathroom ... temporarily ... phew! 

I had to leave by 6:00 pm, it was all I could take (remember the one hour sleep lost) ... And as I pulled out of the parking lot I noticed the doors being installed ... maybe a better day tomorrow?

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May 28, 2007 __________________________________________________

Walls are Coming Down!
Tomorrow we are tearing down the walls! I am thrilled, except for the 8 am start. That will be one less hour I get to sleep in .. lol I will apologize in advance to anyone who may be at the Shelter in the next few days because of the mess, dirt and dust. 

The dogs might be a little more excited because of all the commotion, and we may all be slightly under pressure with the chaos. I promise to try to be on my toes - here's hoping for success with that. This is all for a greater good and soon it will be so worth while. 

Did I tell you the details yet? We are weeks away from indoor/outdoor dog runs, so that the dogs have direct contact with the outside world and inevitably will have greater comfort and less stress. This I am hoping will result in faster adoptions, better assessment of the dogs and well happier temporary guests. It will be worth all the turmoil. 

Keep us in your thoughts and hope for as little trouble with this transition as possible :)

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May 26, 2007 __________________________________________________

The Owen Sound Animal Shelter "No Litter" garage sale was our biggest success ever having raised over $1,000.00. We saw some great pets have their toes done! 

Also, five cats and three dogs also found homes today. Talk about a great day!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for a great day and also thank:

Sandi, who spent the week sorting stuff with me, and then lost her sleep to be at the Shelter for 6 am to feed, walk and care for our friends and then entertain, direct, work and then pack our day away. Again, you have gone beyond the call of duty, to help me make the difference and show how much you care. You will make a great vet one day. 

Cathy who also did the early morning to help me sort, entertain, crowd control and help all of us keep our sanity. 

Pet Valu for the Bling Fling and all the help - need a job Dianne? 

Brian who dug all those trees in the middle of the night to help us raise money, and

The Mix 106 for the support, advertisement and comic relief. 

Once again, this Community pulled together and helped us be successful! The generous donations, the loyal garage sale shoppers and all the help! Way to go J

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May 25, 2007 __________________________________________________

I write this blog at 10:30 tonight, after a 15 hour day. A long day, a long week, and I am so busy -  exhausted and I ache. I wonder why on earth I do these things, planning such a big event like the garage sale tomorrow - No Litter Sale - that it is hopefully going to be. With a bling fling, Pet-I-Cures, trees, homemade soap and the biggest garage sale we have ever had and treats for people and their pets.

We have been busy all week sorting, shuffling, stacking and piling. Tonight, I check my email, and now I sit here in tears with the most fantastic update ever from Old Roy, and Hunter (Hunter is on the Happy Tails page) and I am going to read you a part of the email on Old Roy's update:

...James and I thought you all might like to hear an update on Old Roy... First of all, I just have to say what a wonderful, gentle soul he is! He is so patient and cooperative, and he never makes a sound. His presence has hardly affected the flow of our household which is pretty amazing, considering we already have three cats and two other dogs - all of which are getting along famously with Old Roy! 

In fact, Roy seems to have taken a liking to our 3 year old Sheltie Geddy. Whenever he sees Geddy his eyes immediately light up and his tail starts wagging. He tries his best to follow Geddy around the yard, but unfortunately, his mobility isn't quite good enough to keep up... (we will be posting his happy tail shortly...)

This week we also had a happy tail on Trip, Harley and Will too ... I see why I do this job. I have to give each of them a chance and I know they need me and need your support.

Thank you to Old Roy's new family, it is you who bring tears to my eyes and it is not just tears of exhaustion but tears of joy.

Hope to see you all tomorrow at our garage sale.

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May 24, 2007 __________________________________________________

Hot - Hot - Hot
Boy it was hot today, and all of my thoughts were on those poor creatures outside - here's hoping there was a gentle breeze, lots of cool water and most importantly shade. 

I stayed inside, with the exception of one dog I chased; it got away. Anyone missing a Blue Heeler? This girl was out by RBW. It was way way too hot to run this girl, she was running with her tail between her legs. I had to let her go with the hope that she ran home. 

Inside, I tended to my new friend FireStar (Puddin), who is still with me (thank goodness) and today he stood to eat. Let's keep hoping and praying his recovery continues. 

I did do something wonderful today, and I hope his new family likes it. Earlier this week our order of Soft Claws arrived - Soft Claws or soft paws are stick on nails for cats which are a safe alternative to declawing. These Soft Claws prevent cats/kittens from scratching furniture. As these are not permanent, they won't cause behavioural problems, like aggression, or litter box troubles that can happen if you declaw your pet. I would like to raise awareness about this product because they work and also because they are a non-invasive means of stopping your cat/kitten from stratching.

Today, I decided to try out the new Soft Claws on two of the little kittens that just went up for adoption (oops - did I say they were two boys who love to scratch?). 

I hope the new family of our little friend will still love him - we only had pink in stock - next time we will have more colours to choose from. They look great!

If you would like to purchase Soft Claws for your cat/kitten, we are selling them at the Shelter for $10.00.

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May 23, 2007

Abuse, Neglect
For a change, Daytime TV, which is generally a Friday thing to do, was today - this really messes me up with the short week and all. 

Anyway, as I show-cased my black older kittens (before all the younger beautiful babes become available), I spoke with Kris, the reporter, for the local news. We discussed the horrible cases of animal abuse (for example, the dog who lost his ears) and she mentioned she would like to do a segment on cruelty and abuse. So, you know I am going to put my Old Roy in the spot light. He really needed all the help he could get, we arranged for Kris to pop into the Shelter. 

When she arrived, wasn't there another story of neglect, abandonment and abuse. The finder, so kind, grabbed this poor cat from the ditch where he lay, and brought him to the Shelter in an effort to save him. 

fire2.jpg (136500 bytes)

She named him after a brave warrior in a book she had read - FireStar - sounded so totally appropriate. 

This boy, starving, missing his ears to frostbite, dehydrated, mending a bite abscess (where he had been chewed) AND, to top it all off, a terrible infection from where it appears he was shot.

fire1.jpg (134832 bytes)

Poor fella, with a terrible terrible gaping butt wound, who I am now calling "Pudd'n butt", or "Pudd'n", will hopefully survive his wounds and earn the grand name FireStar. So far he deserves it; he has come so very far and lived. 

Old Roy shared the spotlight with FireStar (Pudd'n) and the two of them made a great plea for compassion and empathy on the screen. Here is to hoping they will help change the laws. 

On another note ... blogs are magic. Thank you to one of my blog readers who gave Old Roy a home. My conscious is now clear, in knowing Old Roy has a chance. This was all for him. We thank you for that. Please keep me posted on everything.

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May 22, 2007

There is "stuff" in the bathroom, in the kitchen, in the laundry area, in the office, and well, frankly, all around my feet, everywhere I look, and all the places I tried not to look. If there isn't an animal living there, it seems like it is now a place for "stuff". 

Excitement is growing for our upcoming garage sale this Saturday, and there is plenty of items for people to purchase. Actually, some people have already started. One women came in to use the restroom and came out with two lamps to buy! So, today we began sorting, piling and trying to gather a list of things we have and start stacking them into some order. Thank you Sandi, your help was appreciated. All this hard work will mean more sleep on Saturday morning, as we will have less to do before the start of the great event. All donations are greatly appreciated, and will will still be accepting until Friday evening. 

We had a great break today, and the update everyone was waiting for. This long timer, now thrilled with himself, showed off his new homies and sported a trimmer and leaner self too! 

He sat entirely at the door, with no desire to stay, and watched his new dad with such admiring eyes. This was really great to see - even better to see him leave again; I was so proud of him.

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May 18, 2007

Old Roy
I am not sure you have noticed, but there has been a dark cloud hanging over the Shelter for the past few weeks. 

We are thrilled with all the up and coming events, the fantastic adoptions, and the great renos underway. However, we have been undecided one poor soul, and all praying that his life was not as bad as it seemed for him. I wasn't going to place him on the web site, I wasn't going to place him up for adoption, and when it came down to it, my heart could not let him go. I am hoping his sad tale will inspire you to make a difference in his short life. 

Two weeks ago, Todd carried through the door a poor old "stray". A senior old man, Border Collie mix, with limited vision, poor bladder control and very obvious arthritis. He placed him in the kitchen and I was certain an owner would be looking for him - so we waited. Three days later, and still no phone call, we were at a loss as to what to do. I have been broken hearted ever since, as I ache for him. 

Likely a "chain dog" his whole long life, he has had little love and attention. So little I assume, that these people did not even come looking for him when he slipped away, OR had had enough and turned him loose. He sits here with us, in the hopes someone will take him home, where he can live some sort of a life and die of natural causes. I do not think he is housetrained, or had any form of training, but on the plus is gentle, quiet, mature, and well...great on a leash? :) 

I have named him Old Roy - well, to try to make light of his situation. He needs a country home where he can lay in the sun and be loved until his days are done. I am not ready to end it for him, and have promised him to do what I can. You have to spread the word for him to those who may have a spot for him in their heart with some love to give. 

Sheba our other elder, also affecting our spirits, her big time debut on the Mix has earned her some extra attention, so let's hope there is a new home in her future.

On the plus side, do you remember me showing you the little chocolate kitten born at the Shelter on Easter morning? Well, here is a new update on our little bundle of joy...

What a cutie...

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May 17, 2007

In an effort, to help in a speedy adoption, today's blog is all about a poor girl who will be a star tomorrow. 

Sheba is a nine year old, female, King Shepherd. She has lived in the country with dogs and cats and enjoyed the outdoors and loved the country life. She and her dog friend had been together seven years and she loved that life and that whole existence. 

But, unfortunately, with an out-of-country move, her person had to part with her, and poor Sheba is grieving. She misses them, her home, and her dog friend (who has another home). 

Sheba is quiet, mature, well mannered and this girl would be an easy addition. She is beside herself right now, and I suspect tomorrow may be a difficult morning for both of us. She is very strong, do not let her age fool you, strong on a leash, and quiet as well as uninterested in treats and/or any people right now. 

I will be doing my best to help her understand that our morning adventure will be all for her. Here's hoping she gets it, and someone listening does too.

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May 16, 2007

Residents of Owen Sound, one day real soon, you may see me or one of my employees at your door as it is that time of the year again. We will be knocking on doors in order to find out whether you have a dog or cat and if you have your 2007 license. 

Please do not hate us when we pay you a visit, we are not too keen on this task either. We are not impressed when you don't answer, lie or when you tell us you will get a license tomorrow. We knock on your door to offer you a chance at becoming legal. The deadline for the license was March 31, 2007 and if you don't have one your illegal.

Don't shoot the messenger, we are trying to save you from fines, and more visits, and all sorts of unpleasant things. At the very least, please understand that we do truly believe all pets should wear id, and that we are not just pushing a product. The license/ID means we can find you if and when there is an emergency and we need to return your pet to you. This often is lifesaving in an emergency. 

Did you know that we cannot trace tattoos or veterinary tags in the middle of the night? Please think about that when you are blessed with our presence sometime in the near future. Just offer us your tag receipt, or the tag, or better yet, we would love to meet your pets and say hello.

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May 15, 2007

It is entirely my fault there is confusion, and I will take this time to clear it all up. 

You see some days I do way more than I should, for example by noon today, we had made that vet visit, fed, watered and medicated all the animals, walked all the dogs, cleaned all the cages and had successfully cleaned all the mats. BY 1 pm I had done the main carpet behind the desk too! The smell was driving me nuts, and well, other than the wet dog smell I am getting tonight it seems to have improved. So it is easy to do, to get details mixed up when doing ten things at one time. Originally, I had planned the garage sale for the Saturday of the long weekend. In planning, dog bite presentations, pennies for pets presentations, a blog presentation, and all that other stuff, well the dates got all mixed up. 

The garage sale is on May 26th, as planned, but the 26th turned out not to be the long weekend. If you were someone thinking it is this weekend, and rushing to donate, relax I have given you another week :) On the plus, the items are now pouring in, and what excellent items we have! This will be the best yard sell ever! We can use it.

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May 14, 2007

Happily Ever After
This is the blog I had intended to use when it happened; which was Friday. But in lieu of our Wally visit, and all that it entailed, I thought it best to make this a blog all its own.

I just had to tell you ... you will remember this boy, who at one time, was prayed for and in so many people's mind, who had earned a page all his own, needed a blog all his own too. Well, on Friday, one last time, I poked my boy Will one final needle, one final visit, and the best encounter we have had with needles yet! On Friday, Will was micro- chipped and his adoption was sealed; he is now officially forever home. 

I took pleasure in inserting that chip, certain that this was for sure the last time I would hold him in that "needle giving hold" and the last time I would grimace while he would let out a little whine. At last an injection I would be thrilled to give, with only the best of thoughts behind it. 

An update: Will has become part of the family, as he so deserves. He plays and romps, and cuddles into the night with 'his kids' and his 'dog siblings'. His training is coming along, and he has become quite well traveled. He travels now with his family and will always return to his home. I could not be more pleased, and I am so proud of them all.

With my great adoptions this week of my dear friends Hunter and Harley, for them I hope the same. Happily ever after to all of you. Let's hope it is also forever.

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May 11, 2007

Update ... 

Pictures sent from Marsha... Posted May 14/07

wally3.jpg (2393909 bytes)

wally4.jpg (2223303 bytes)

Today my world revolved around Wally, and Wally's world. A fantastic "cool guy" who was in every sense a superstar. 

wally1.jpg (214043 bytes)

I met him first at Rogers and was impressed by his sophistication ... yah he was a star, but still loved those butt rubs. He waited in the comfort of his cozy "all about the dog" vehicle (seats reclined - covered in comforters), while the press spent time later in the day at the Shelter.

But, it was not until the press left, and the cameras were off that this boy really shone! Today, was the first time I witnessed such an athletic dog - and in a big way. I am not at all athletic, didn't think it mattered when kicking a soccer ball around with the dog, but, boy Wally can play. It was very hard to keep up!

 wally2.jpg (148272 bytes)

He took that ball from one end of the yard to the other, keeping it entirely away from me. He would then bunt it with his head, and you'll never guess ... shot it right on past me. Wally is fantastic! I think that Wally is a real soccer star, movie star, celebrity Bull Terrier all rolled into one. Who, by the way, even wears a ball in his mouth as a mouth guard. What a guy - can I have your autograph?

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May 10, 2007

Today I met Stanley. Stanley is a wonderful Black Lab who has many people friends. He is blessed with a fantastic and giving home and today, his friends and family shared their generosity with the Shelter. 

It is called "Pennies for Pets", however, this time there were two new twists. The pennies were found coins scattered throughout OSCVI, (lost and homeless?) and gathered by the maintenance guy, who is also Stanley's dad. 

When Mrs. McConachie-Anderson's class became involved it blossomed from there. It became Stanley's fund. I do believe some students thought it was to keep Stanley out of the pound? However, his friends are dog lovers and their coins raised $305.00 for the spay/neuter and medical fund. They also donated towels, treats and food which we can always use. 

It always means so much to know that I have made a difference in not only the lives of the animals, but in the lives of children too. And, when that difference is for them to help the homeless animals I couldn't be more pleased. 

Special thanks goes out to: Rob & Diana Dell, Vannah and Chelsea, Room 111 and 112 Students, Trevor Barber, Gary Burton, Jacob Baker, Angus Cameron, Nathan Mole, Mary Wilson, Josh Baker, Shawna Schank, Shauna Fountain, Corey Porteous, Corey McIlveen, Mike Follis, Sarah Abra, Mrs. Dorothy Jaffray, Mrs. Kim Hawke, Ms. Natasha Cordick, Mrs. Elenor Breen, Mr. Craig Breen and Mrs Gail McFaul

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May 9, 2007

Dog Bite Prevention Seminar
Excited today to be making changes; changes for the better for owners and their pets. 

When you read the blog about the dog attack in Port Elgin, there were a few comments, but not much in the way of leads. Then we had a dog bite in Owen Sound on Sunday and then again on Tuesday. The last one pushed me to get going and offer the Dog Bite Prevention Seminar again. 

The Dog Bite Prevention Seminar is scheduled for June 22, from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm and will be held at the Public Library Auditorium. Cost will be $12.00 for adults and $6.00 for children. This will be a presentation for all ages and the topics will include:

  1. How to avoid being bitten

  2. Who bites

  3. What to do if you or your pet is bitten

  4. What to do if you are attacked, and

  5. How to prevent and stop a dog attack on another person or animal

I will be going that extra mile on this one. We are booked and I would like you to be there - if not for yourself, for someone you know, or for someone you can help. Being prepared is key!

More on our renovations ... check this out...

Getting closer...

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May 8, 2007
You saw their cute little faces, and read their information. You saw them posted, and today you may have noticed that my two eight week old kittens, the silver and white and the black and white were adopted. 

What you don't know is that we almost lost these little souls many times, and I am sooo thrilled to see them both go to loving homes. Not together, but to cat sibling homes. This was so important to me, you see these two lost their mother at only four weeks of age and have only had each other.

It has been four weeks of careful observation, special foods, treatments, four weeks of crossing our fingers, and saying prayers. With so many germs floating around and no immune system, I was pretty certain they would never make it out. To place them up for adoption was a triumph in itself, and then to place them with other cats, I am considering it a victory. 

If one had been left behind without a companion I was sure it would have suffered a great deal, and with that its health would have suffered too. Someone was watching over these two - they were adopted only minutes apart. Good luck!

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May 7, 2007
Sneak Peek
It has started. Something fantastic has begun, and I am so excited and I'm not good at keeping secrets, but I have been trying my best - OK I'll spill.

You have to start somewhere...

It was an early start to the day, for "some reason" and the entire day revolved around shuffling, and changes, and well this great thing. The warm weather meant playtime for the dogs, and they romped and rolled in the grass once again.

 Can't wait for the finished product...

They know the secret and are equally as excited, although a bit stressed with the changes that are taking place. People coming in, noises, and well ... "something" going on. Can you guess yet? We have started our renovations to the dog runs - sunshine and air for everyone!

Under construction... I know it will be done soon.

I also love the de- stress time with all of them, and it was certainly a great day today to have the playground for them to get their anxieties out ... it is easy to set them free if your a dog, and get a chance to enjoy the sunshine. Actually it makes the day better for all of us, doesn't it?

On another note, see what Marsha is doing on her way to help out with our Wally Week promotion...

Wally Week kick-off in Welland, ON...
Sheltered dogs deserve to be pampered; Promotion ties literature and pet suppliers to adoption 
Local News - Monday, May 07, 2007 @ 09:00


Welland and District Humane Society's Tammy Gaboury, left, with English bull terrier Buttercup, meets with author Marsha Boulton, who has brought forward incentives to adopt a dog this week. 

Author Marsha Boulton has a good read on need for adoption of stray, abused and neglected dogs. Boulton, a Stephen Leacock Medal winner for humour writing, visited Welland and District Humane Society yesterday to promote "Wally's Week," named for her nine-year-old bull terrier Wally and subject of one of her books, Wally's World Life with Wally the Wonder Dog. From Wednesday to May 16, anyone who adopts a dog from the Welland or Niagara Falls shelter will receive a copy of her book and a gift bag that includes Pet Valu products and Old Mother Hubbard dog treats."It's unique," the Harriston, ON, resident says of her promotion that ties literature and pet suppliers to adoption. She was inspired to launch the adoption promotion last year, while en route to the Seaway Kennel Club dog show in Thorold. "I was thinking how great it would be to see all these pampered dogs. "Then I thought about the other side." Sheltered dogs deserve to have homes and be pampered, too, she says. Boulton hopes over time her promotion will be embraced provincewide. "It's a great cause." Welland humane society board secretary Shirley Cohen welcomes Boulton's initiative. "We really appreciate her involvement, and the involvement of the sponsors," Cohen says. "We have so many wonderful dogs here that deserve homes." On Sunday, there were 14 dogs awaiting adoption at the Provincial Street animal shelter. 

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May 4, 2007

Dog Attack
This may be my most serious blog yet. I need to address something very dear to my heart, and HAVE to get this off my chest. I need help in making a difference with this one and I need your help. 

Today, I "heard from someone" that a child in the Port Elgin area was attacked by "some dog", and suffered some serious bites to the face and is in hospital. I have been unable to find any information on this incident and would appreciate someone contacting me with any details of this event. 

My interest, of course, is to be certain this does not happen again with this dog in my area (it has happened in the past that the dog gets relocated to Owen Sound for example, to be hidden, and bites someone else). I also need to understand, why the dog bites so I can use the information to keep people safe! 

This is the third dog attack I am aware of or have "heard of" in the last six months in that area. Although, not one of attacks made the paper (guess it was not a pit bull)

Please help me help all of you. I provide sessions for dog bite prevention information and as a mother, and a dog lover, there is nothing that plays with my emotions more. This will never end right for the child or the dog - this should never never have happened. 

We take courses on seat belts and car seats and how to properly fasten a helmet. I teach in the schools on dog bite prevention and will continue to offer this, however I believe there is a need to do an all ages prevention night. Please email me at if you are interested or if you have any information on the dog attack in Port Elgin.

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May 3, 2007

Fun Day
A terrific day, filled with camera shots, big smiles and happy people and pets. It was not a TV day either.

Mrs. Gardiner's class from the Strathcona School were in helping us today, and as always did a fantastic job. For a nice change the sun was shining and the play area now dry was a great place for all to enjoy a ball toss and a game of catch or tag. 

Harley loved the attention, and the kids loved to play with him. Both were running, and fetching and the smiles were fantastic! Glad to have grabbed some great shots of them enjoying their time together.


It was Joe and I in front of the camera at the end of the day, thanks to Springmount RV Centre and the Owen Sound Sun Times. 

Springmount RV Centre made a wonderful donation of two sets of three oxygen masks for pets to be used in a fire, or emergency situation to resuscitate an animal.

These masks will go to fire stations here in Owen Sound. I am certain that these masks will make a difference in the lives of many, and will be bringing smiles to the faces of their owners as well. 

Don't forget our big event coming May 16-23rd - adopt a dog during May 16-23 and you will receive a copy of Wally's World by Marsha Boulton - Winner of the Stephen Leacock Award for Humour, and a goodie gift from PetValu as well as a treat from Old Mother Hubbard.

They are at it again... and it looks wonderful!

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May 2, 2007

Here's the Scoop...
The Workshop went well, and the computer thing worked, so either way I was thrilled.

On another front, thanks to the Mother's Day sponsorships, I knew exactly who to send to the vet. Today Stitch returned spayed ready to go home soon. Boots (who you have not met yet - but will tomorrow) will follow her and my friend Pink, was also spayed today (for the second time ... yes, you read that right) ... Pink was already spayed. Unfortunately, this means I paid for nothing, but fortunately, this means I am sure and I won't be receiving the phone call about how we were sure she was spayed, but she wasn't. But, thanks to her sponsor Pink can be adopted because without the surgery she nobody would have adopted her. That also put a damper on the day for me, and it wasn't the expense, but rather her spay means she was not a "stray" as I had been lead to believe, but rather an abandoned prior-owned cat. One like the hundreds who come through this door each year as a "stray" and not reclaimed. 

Of the 600 cats through each year, half come in as "strays" and of that half, say 300 last year, only twelve were reclaimed. SOOO, are people throwing away their cats, OR are people throwing away their cats? A depressing thought. 

In any case, there are three more altered cats in the world, and three who can go home real soon. Let's hope to better homes who won't be throwing them away.

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May 1, 2007

Georgian College Workshop
After a week of preparation (because I am so NOT technologically skilled), I have finally finished my PowerPoint presentation "Blogging for Business" for the Workshop I am hosting at 7pm this evening at Georgian College. 

My biggest fears are my PowerPoint presentation won't actually run, and I will be surrounded by a room full of computer people who think that is hilarious ... AND, that I usually have a cat or dog in my arms to do a presentation, so now I will be standing there, mouth open, alone and uncertain as to what to do next. 

However, on the plus side a big part of my presentation is all about how anyone (with the help of Elaine of course) can do it ... even me. How better to prove that I am not technically skilled and can do this?

I am impressed by the stats that the blog has generated; stats show we have tripled our web page visitors! AND realizing the many other benefits, providing education, invoking compassion and gaining support and recognition in the community are all win-win situations.

I do think that nothing competes with a web site that uses a blog to communicate.

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