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Be an Angel for Stray Animals...
When you see stray or injured cats or dogs on the street, please donít pass them by ó they need your help! Be prepared for animal emergencies by keeping a road-rescue kit in your car, including pull-tab cans of cat and dog food, a leash, a bandage for a muzzle (injured animals may try to bite out of fright), a collapsible cardboard cat carrier, and a towel or blanket. If you are unable to coax the animal to you, take down the exact location (including the  street and cross street and any nearby landmarks) and a description of the animal and call animal control at 519-372-1123.

You Can Make a Difference:

This Shelter services the City of Owen Sound, Georgian Bluffs, Hanover, Saugeen First Nations and Saugeen Shores. We are also the holding Shelter for Grey Highlands Animal Control.

Contact us at 519-372-1123 or osas@bmts.com.