2018 -19 Workshops and Trunk Shows

Wednesday April 10 Quilts of New Zealand Trunk Show 11 am

Tuesday, April 23, Workshop, 9:30-4, Fabric Landscapes, Fran Keating $20

Wednesday, May 15, Trunk Show, Celeste Campion, The Bolt and the Beautiful – The Shweshwe Saga

includes a pop up shop selling Shweshwe fabrics

Wednesday, May 8, 1-4, Workshop, Flying Geese Bag, Sally Middleton  $10

This bag is made from leftover scraps. You shouldn’t have to purchase any fabric except perhaps some fleece and maybe the lining. If you think you haven’t enough colours, bring extra squares of the colours you have and trade.

Use any colours, plains and prints. Light, medium and dark are important. Press all fabrics.
Place right sides together when piecing. Use 0.25” seams.
Seam allowances are included in the cutting size.

Press seams as you piece to ensure accuracy.

1. From 12 dark and medium fabrics, cut (24) 4” squares (two of each colour). It is okay to use 2 or 3 light squares.

2. Also from the same fabrics cut (5) 4” squares for the bottom of the bag.
3. From 16 light fabrics (Flying Geese bodies) cut (32) 2.5” x 4” rectangles.
4. From 16 dark and medium fabrics (Flying Geese wings) cut (64) 2.5” squares. 5. From 8 light fabrics (may be the same as Step 3) cut (16) 2.25” x 4” rectangles.

6. Lining fabric should be light or medium light but quite bright. Cut (2) 5” X 32” lining fabric for handles
Cut (2) 23” x 16” for bag lining.
Cut (1) 5” x 19” for bottom of bag lining

If you wish to attach pockets to the linings allow some fabric, any colour.

7. Batting (light fleece is best)
Cut (2) 1” x 32” for handles

Cut (2) 23” x 16” Cut (2) 5” x 19”

The cutting is simple but it does take time so it would be helpful to have it all cut before the workshop.

NOTE: You need 32 Flying Geese, finished size 2.25” x 4”. You may construct these using your method of choice.