Supply Lists for Projects

September 27, 2017

Silk Tie Purse

 Instructor: Kathleen Farr

Supply List

Two Ties: Cut about 4” off the small end of the two ties then take the ties completely apart. Wash the ties and iron them flat. Bring the two 4” pieces

Sewing Machine  and Thread to match ties

Zipper 14" (not less than 12") to match ties
Zipper Foot – if you use one
Seam Ripper
Button for front of purse (optional)
Hand sewing needle (for button)
Fabric for lining and pocket (approx. 12” x 30”) 100% cotton fabric, usually black or fabric that matches the ties
KIT: $5.00  consisting of lightweight interfacing, heavyweight interfacing, cord, pin and ring and beads for zipper pull
We will be using a rotary cutter, cutting mat, and quilters’ ruler and irons.



S'Mittens Class

Beckie Robb

Supply List:

* Two, three or four 80-100% wool sweaters. More is better to make an interesting pair of s’mittens. Ask your neighbour/friend/sewing partner to share a sweater as one sweater will make up to 6 pair.

* Fleece for lining approximately 10”(.25m). Does not need to be pre-washed. * Neutral or matching thread
* Sewing machine and scissors, both paper and fabric, and pins.

Pattern will be provided.
Before Class:
Prewash sweaters in hot water and dry in dryer to "felt" the wool in preparation for class.


Fabric Postcards

Fran Keating
Two pieces of co-ordinating fabric 10”square each
One 2 1/2"wide strip x width of fabric to co-ordinate with the above fabric

Embellishments such as narrow ribbons,lace , feathers, buttons, small pictures that have been transferred to fabric before class or any other things you choose to use in your postcard remembering that it finishes at 5"x8"

Threads for machine quilting

The usual things required to operate your machine that has been checked at home for sewing without problems at class

I think that you will have an idea of supplies after seeing a finished postcard and books with ideas will be available at the September and October meetings

You will require a piece of Pellon 72F Two Sided Fusible Ultra Firm Stabilizer (fusible on both sides). This comes by the metre so I will purchase it and cut into 8”x10” pieces and will have it as well as envelopes to fit your finished work at the class for a fee that will cover the cost of the material.

I look forward to the day and the enthusiasm that comes as we spend the day.