2015 Image Gallery

So here it is, almost the end of 2015 and here is my collection of processed images for the year.  This is
more like a blog of imaging activities for the year.  This is being written in early December of 2015.
I started with Comet lovejoy in January.

All images taken with the following equipment:
Telescope:  HNA12
Mount:   Paramount ME
Camera:  SBIG STL11000M
Filters: Baader LRGB Ha S2 O3 Hb


Comet Lovejoy appeared in January of 2015 and I managed to get a nice shot of the comet by
a colourful pair of stars.  A rare clear winter night in Bruce County.
This is an LRGB image with the pixels binned 3X3 and each channel 9 minutes
for a total exposure of 36 minutes.  Collimation was off.


  The Leo Trio of galaxies was imaged last year in Luminance and I managed
to get some RGB data this spring.  This LRGB is composed of
253 minutes of Luminance data and
combined with only 36 minutes each of the RGB channels
for a total  exposure of 6 hours and one minute.


My next target was the nice pair of galaxies, M81 and M82 in Ursa Major.
Again an LRGB image, exposure times were 145 minutes Luminance and RGB was
45:45:39 minutes respectively.  I would like to add some Hydrogen Alpha data to
this image, but I'll have to wait until next spring.


My next target was M106, which is a rather peculiar galaxy as you will see in a few pictures.
The center of this galaxy is in complete kaos.  But first I imaged in LRGB again
with 150 minutes of Luminance and 90 minutes each RGB.  The colour is somewhat anemic
and will require more data and processing.  Some of the data was acquired while the laptop
was shining brightly in the observatory and resulted in some nasty colour gradients.


Here is a cropped shot of M106.

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Hydrogen Alpha