2015 Image Gallery

OK, here comes the good stuff.  The summer was rather poor weatherwise
for imaging, but I got a number of good shots this fall.

All images taken with the following equipment:
Telescope:  HNA12
Mount:   Paramount ME
Camera:  SBIG STL11000M
Filters: Baader LRGB Ha S2 O3 Hb


I added 60 minutes of Hydrogen Alpha in place of the red channel and it really
made the red jets emanating from the center of the galaxy pop out.  I would love
to get some serious photons next spring and improve the outer areas of the galaxy.
This was the last shot of the spring and early summer.
 I wanted to get some narrowband images next.


  This is IC1396 otherwise known as the Elephant Trunk Nebula.
I've always seen it as a flying saucer coming out of the clouds. 
This is probably my first reasonable attempt at narrowband imaging
using Hydrogen Alpha, Oxygen 3 and Sulfur 2 filters.  Each filter
allows only a very narrow specific range of  the visible spectrum.
These are then assigned RGB colours and a colour image is created.


My next target was the Pacman Nebula in narrowband.


I had imaged the Rosette in Hydrogen Alpha when I first got the HNA 12 inch scope along with
some RGB data.  This is also a favourite target for narrowband imaging.  I added 2 hours and 20 minutes
each of Oxygen and Sulfur data to the 150 minutes of Hydrogen I had previously collected and mapped
the data to the "HubblePallette".  I am really pleased with this image but need to get the
blue haloes around the stars under control.

The last two images on this page are six channel images.  I combined RGB and narrowband data
to produce the lovely images below.


Here is a cropped shot of the multi-channel Rosette
Hydrogen Alpha