Physics Comics is only available in English and German.
I would invite people to translate it into other languages. As as incentive, I would give them access to the whole story while the general public has access to the first 22 pages only

You can either save the gif.-files, erease and translate the text with a graphic editor (i.e. Paintbrush) and send me the new page as an e-mail attachment

Or you just translate the text and write it into this form: I've made it easy: From the titel-page ( click on FRAME in the grey table, then you get the frame-page. On the menu at the top click on "other languages". That gives you a text field to put the translated text in the top frame, while you can read the Comics in the bottom frame. If you are done, just click on "Submit" and I'll have it in my mailbox.

Don't forget to give me your e-mail adress, so I can send you the password.
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TRANSLATION (please  translate pages 1 and 2 unless.......)