The locomotive in this photo is a 1" scale 4-3/4" gauge Pacific.  It, and the private railway that it runs on,  were built by Hugh Gale.  He used drawings and castings produced by Little Engines.  The locomotive was completed in 1967, and given that number.  By 2001, Mr. Gail had reached a point in his life where he was no longer able to care for the locomotive and railway.  Thus Craig Glen and I were able to purchase the locomotive, flat car and track.  We have rebuilt the railway on Craig's property, with the help of his son, Curtis and other friends and relatives.  On Thanksgiving weekend, 2002, the Pacific ran, under steam, for the first time is several years..  The locomotive now bears the name of it's original builder.  And it is a credit to both Hugh Gale and Little Engines.

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