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The Moses Family of the Isle of Wight

My paternal great-grandfather's name was Aurelias Moses and he was born on the Isle of Wight. There is only one Aurelias Moses recorded in Isle of Wight records and in fact only one family of name Moses. As opposed to researching an ancestor from a larger place and with a more common name, research of the Moses Family is potentially filled with promise.

This page will be in chronological order and is primarily intended for Isle of Wight Moses descendants although anyone might find it interesting. Of course, I welcome and will add to this document any pertinent information about the Moses Family. Send e-mail to


 It was at this time that everybody's births/deaths/marraiges began to be recorded. Records of the Moses Family date from this time on the Isle of Wight.


 Henry Moses, son of Robert (carpenter) and Mary Moses (of Wroxall) was born May 11, 1811. His children were Aurelias(1835), Lorenzo(1840), Angelenia(1840) and Ureanah(1846).


 Aurelias and Lorenzo were born at Park Wall Cottage. This cottage was just outside the Appuldurcombe Estate owned by Sir Edward Worsley. I visited the ruins of Appuldurcombe and a cottage named Park Wall that was thoroughly modernized but may be the site of the original cottage (cottages names were sometimes changed). The current owner spoke of finding very old remains during renovations. The names Aurelias, Lorenzo, Angelina and Ureanah have no precedent in the Isle of Wight Moses Family and according to an Isle of Wight researcher the names have no precedent on the on the Isle of Wight. The names seem to be of Italian (or Roman) origin. There was at Appudurcombe a large collection of Italian statuary. It could be possible that the names were taken from these statues. The name Ureanah is perhaps the strangest name. It sounds biblical but does not appear in the bible (as far as I can determine). The other interesting fact is that no sex is recorded on Ureanah's birth record. This could have been an oversight or there may have been some difficulty in determining what the sex of Ureanah was.


 The Henry Moses family appears in the 1841 census on the Isle of Wight.


 In the 1851 census the Henry Moses family are not at Wroxall and apparently left the Isle of Wight (no death records of any of the family on the island).


 In the 1861 census, Aurelias and Lorenzo appear in Ontario in Downie Township. Neither are at this point married. There is so far no information about Henry, Elizabeth (his wife), Angelina or Ureanah beyond 1846 when Ureanah was born. My grandmother (Aurelias' daughter-in-law) who lived with Aurelias at the end of his days heard him speak of Angelina but not of the rest of the family.


 Lorenzo died March 8, 1988 at lot 16, con 5, Downie Twp. He had some beehives. He left a will which outlined what he owned.


 Aurelias died in 1912.
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