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This page is an update of a previous page.

I have obtained the births, deaths and marraiges of people with the surname Moses (and its variations) for the Isle of Wight, for the years from about 1600 up to about 1860.

I am in the process of producing a family tree from this information.  The preliminary results are published here in PDF format.  I have limited the number of generations to 11 to avoid publishing names of people still living.  I have assumed that all the Moses' from the Isle of Wight descended from one man (John Moses #306 who died April 28, 1580 in Brading CP).

                                                     moses.pdf  and  mosind.pdf

I am producing this information at this point to share it and to get input as I go along.  The previous page elicited responses from various families of the Isle of Wight Moses family.  I hope to hear from more.

I have had contact with descendants of the following people listed in the family tree:

Aurelias Moses #308  born May 5, 1835 on the Isle of Wight.
    My great-grandfather.  He moved to Canada in 1849.

Lorenzo Moses #273  born June 20, 1837 on the Isle of Wight.
    Lorenzo (later spelled Lorenza) probably came to Canada with his brother Aurelias.  He has many descendants living in Ontario.

Andrew Moses #204  born March 1, 1812 on the Isle of Wight.
    I have met Alan Moses of Ontario who descended from Andrew.

James Moses #209 born October 25, 1823 on the Isle of Wight.
    I believe this is the James Moses who moved to the Toronto, Ontario, Canada area and has descendants living in Prince Edward Island, Canada.

James Dennett Moses #256 born November 30, 1832 on the Isle of Wight.
    This man has descendants living in West Sussex, England.

Mary Moses #26 baptized September 3, 1701 on the Isle of Wight.
    A lady named Jean of British Columbia Canada reported that Mary Moses was an ancestor of hers.  Unfortunately I have lost contact with her at this point.

Hannah Moses #215 baptized June 4, 1815 on the Isle of Wight.
    Hannah has descendants living in Australia.

William Robert Moses #265 baptized Feb 26, 1832 on the Isle of Wight.
    This man has descendants living in England.

Emma Moses #463 born August 17, 1842 on the Isle of Wight.
    This person was not on the original list of birth/death/marraiges but was reported to me by a descendant in Australia.