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Missing my Siamese Cat since Saturday night July 17, 2010.  She has a scar from rib cage to rib cage on her stomach and has yellow eyes.  Her name is Sook and she is 12 years old.  She went missing from Concession 8 Bentinck between Mulock Road and Grey Road 3.  If anyone should happen to see her please contact me at 519-364-4619. Posted Jul 27, 2010

Please help me find my precious boy!! Oliver is a long haired orange cat, he is 12 yrs old,declawed and neutered and a true Mommys boy. He went missing from Varney on Hwy 6 around July 11, 2010. I had to move to the Hamilton area and my 4 cats were staying at my sisters in Varney till I could pick them up. When I went to pick my boys up Oliver was already gone and nobody had noticed. My family has checked the farm where we lived but there had been no sightings of him (between Mildmay and Clifford). Oliver is very shy of people and will likely never approach anyone, so if you see an unfamiliar long haired orange cat hanging around your barn or house please contact me, Virginia @ (905)929-7090 or email at vdanton@live.ca, I will come and get him!!! Thanks. Posted Aug 13, 2010

On Saturday night August 14 2010, my 2 year old HUSKY/SHEPHERD went missing from my backyard in Mount Forest. He is Beige and White with BLUE EYES and a curly tail. He is wearing a black collar with a Wellington County Animal Hospital tag on it. His name is DEO and we miss him so much and are desperate to find him. If you have seen him or have ANY information at all, PLEASE contact me at shannon55556@hotmail.com or 519-323-9058. Posted Aug 19, 2010
Holly, JRT, female, 11 years old, blue collar, lost in Hanover on Monday Aug 23/10. Holly is white with a little black on black and both ears. If you see Holly, please contact Shelley at 519-371-5804 or Pumpkin@log.on.ca.  Posted Aug 25, 2010

Tails went missing Around Aug 27/28 in the Oliphant area.  He is a neutered male with long bowed back legs and a small head.  His fur is patchy because he doesnt know if he wants to be a longhair or shorthair cat.  He has a very loud meow, is very friendly and drools alot.  He is very sadly missed by our whole family, we are so worried. Please help us find him. Our phone number is 519-534-5060, 519-377-4406.  Any sightings would also be appreciated.  A reward to the person who finds him. Posted Sep 2, 2010

Lost cat, male neutered and went missing from the area of 3rd Ave West (prob between 11th and 12th streets) around Tuesday Sept 3. He is dark grey with some subtle tabby markings and is a very nice cat. He does not have a collar. If you find him please call me at 226 668 6310. Thanks, Claire Posted Sep 3, 2010

Sparky was found! Posted Oct 25, 2010

Midnight - Missing since Sept 9th from Orangeville - All Black cat w/white specks on her belly - LEFT EAR IS CRUMPLED OVER FROM SURGERY - She was wearing a bright Green Collar w/Heart Shape Tag with her name on it and phone number/street address - She is a very very tiny cat but is just over 2 years old (looks like a kitten - maybe 5 pounds) - Spayed. PLZ CALL IF YOU SEE HER 519-217-3118. Posted Oct 13, 2010
Bonkers is missing from our house in Hanover. Our address is 427 5th Ave in Hanover. She went missing late Friday (October 1st) night. She is an indoor cat and has never been outside before. She is smaller than average (about the size of a 1 yr old car) and I would guess she weighs about 5-7lbs even though she is about 3-4 years old. She is a short haired grey tabby cat and goes by the name "Bonkers". She is fixed but is not declawed. I have attached a photo of her and hope that you can help us find her. If you have any questions my number is 519-889-0697 or my work (8am - 5pm) is 519-364-3340. Posted Oct 4, 2010

Nelly has been missing from the Grey Highlands area since Sept 4th  ,  Female Tri color beagle , left ear mostly white with brown markings, brown head , right ear brown , white muzzle , two black markings near nose , with white strip from muzzle to between eyes and goes to back of head where it widens into a white collar , right shoulder brown , chest and belly white , lower belly black motteling ,  black back with white diamond, lower back white marking , black and brown bottom , black at base of tail to half way , white rest of tail + more markings  Nelly is terribly missed , nervous of large dogs, cars and big animals , Nelly is a family friend , not a hunting dog. christine 519 923 6923. Posted Oct 11, 2010
Buddy, our dog who wandered from home late Sunday, Oct. 10. He was last spotted on Tuesday morning, Oct 12 at the top of Sunset Beach road near the north end of the shore road, roughly 10 kilometers north of Leith in the Municipality of Meaford. Buddy is 12 years old, has sore hips and fading hearing. He has a small wart under his right eye. We believe he is a black collie/lab cross. He is not wearing a collar. Buddy is extremely gentle and friendly. He very rarely leaves our property; we suspect it will be difficult for him to find his way home. Thank you. Below please find our contact information. Jan, Tim, Rebecca, Ben Singbeil 519.371.5345 home 519.374.3817 cell 519.538.0777 Jan at work 430254 Sydenham-Lakeshore Drive jan@dasein.ca  Posted Oct 15, 2010

Cleo, our short-haired Calico, has been missing from Port Elgin for 2 weeks. Shes about 2 years old, spayed, and was wearing her collar and license at the time she went missing. If you have seen or know where Cleo is, please contact Brenda at 519-389-3950. Posted Nov 26, 2010
Shadow, is missing if you have any information or know where this cat is, can you please call 519-270-9426 or 519-371-4284  you can also email me at sarinav.b9@gmail.com Sarina Van Beek. Posted Nov 24, 2010

Kubota, was last seen side road 9b Dornoch area.  He ran off Friday Nov 26.  Kobota is a red sable with a full white collar and feet. He not neutered and has a tattoo on Left Flank AVL 2U.  He loves to play, very outspoken, and friendly. Please if you see him get in contact with me at 519.794.3763. Posted Dec 1, 2010

Tux - Male Black Neutered Cat. Black with white paws, white chest, half white nose. His name is Tux, he went missing in the South Sauble area around Nov 20th. He also has a mico chip in his leg for identification. He loves children, is very friendly and may wandered off with someone. Tux is also known by the Sauble Beach Pet Hospital. If found please call 519-422-3370. Posted Dec 7, 2010

Our female calico cat Zoey has been missing for about one week.  She is about four years old, white with orange and grey.  We live on the B Line, Arran Township, near Burgoyne.   She is quite friendly and we miss her.  I have checked with Southampton Pet Hospital but also wanted to let you know. Our phone number is 519-797-3339. Posted Jan 10, 2011
Grater Swiss Mountain Dog, Vanished from 25725 Napier Rd Strathroy, Try colored, female, 90 pounds, Blue collar with bell on it, Micro chip #965000000257682, Please contact 519 872 1093 or info@ewsz.com. Posted Jan 12, 2011

TATE dog jumped out of their vehicle and then was spooked by two cars. He disappeared into a sub division north west side of Yonge Street.... by the Home Sense and Walmart stores. This was on Friday, Dec. 31st. Offered REWARD. He is registered to me, MICROchipped, intact and is a black tri, is very friendly, sweet and smart, 3 years old and an intact male Australian Shepherd, bob tailed; basically black with white chest and front legs. If you have seen this dog, or know of his whereabouts, please contact Troy at 905-727-5999 or email tfleury@rogers.com or Anna at 705-458-9214 or hewalclyde@sympatico.ca. Posted Jan 20, 2011

Didi was lost in Cedarville area on Nov 2, 2010. She is 20 lbs, was wearing her blue collar with bell and tags. She does not like her feet touched or nails clipped. There is a reward for her return. Please contact pat.francis@rogers.com or call 519-220-1607, or 905-206-6108 if you have any information. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you, Pat Francis. Posted Mar 1, 2011

My 60lb. black lab female went missing from Sebringville (stratford) area on Feb. 23/11. She is completely black, spayed, age 6. friendly and answers to Harley. All of her shots are up to date. She was on liver pills and antibiotics, so she could be feeling sick by now. It's very unusual for her to just wonder away. We are wondering if she was possibly picked up by someone. The word about her is definitely out there in our area, but if she's been picked up, we thought we should expand our search. If you come across any information or need more information please contact Katrina Johnson @ 519 393 5932 home/519 301 6206 cell. Thank you very much, I have attached a picture of her as well. Any help is much appreciated. Katrina Johnson at katrina.johnson@hotmail.com. Posted Mar 5, 2011
On the night of Saturday, March 26th my family and I realized that our cat Doogie was missing from our apartment on 2nd Avenue East, Owen Sound, ON. We live on the second floor directly above the stores next to the Grey Granite Club. We asked our neighbours down the halls if they've seen him but they hadn't. We think he might have fell out the window. He could be injured, as he is about 7 years old. His name is Doogie and he is neutured and de-clawed. He is a black, brown and grey tabby cat with little white in places like his chin. He is farely large, very long  with a fat belly. Do not be affraid he is very friendly however, he will be very scared. He has one blind eye and it is highly noticable. We walked around the past few days calling him so we aren't sure how far he would have gotten by now as he would not know how to get back in our building. If anyone sees him anywhere please grab him, if called by Doogie he should come. Or even call the owen sound animal shelter at (519) 372-1123 or email Daniella at akiwhatever23@hotmail.com. He is well missed and loved by my whole family and friends. Thank you and please help keep an eye out!! Posted Mar 28, 2011

Bailey went missing from the Sauble Beach around march 17. She is a female boxer neutured, Bailey didnt have her collar on at the time but she has a tattoo in one of her ears. I have made posters around my area, and put them where I could. There is a reward for her return. Please contact 519 422-1232 Patrick Posted Mar 30, 2011
We lost our three-month-old pug puppy, fawn in colour, female. She vanished from our yard near Dornoch on Highway 6 on Sunday, April 10. She belongs to a young girl who is heart-broken. 519-794-4864. Thank you Lise Gunby. Posted Apr 15, 2011

On April 8th 2011 our purebred Doberman went missing from our backyard. While we can't prove foul play we believe she was stolen and taken for the purpose of breeding, however Wiggles has been spayed. She is a red and tan female Doberman with her ears cropped and tail docked. She also has a reverse cowlick going up her nose. She is a dark red and at a distance is sometimes mistaken for a black and tan. Wiggles is NOT micro chipped or tattooed. I am sending out a copy of our flyer to all of the shelters in Ontario as we want our pet back. She goes by the name Wiggles. Wiggles is 7 months old and is a very happy out going puppy. She is a Red and Tan (brown and tan) Doberman. If found please call 705 717 9636 OR 705 252 2392 Thank you for your help, Chauntelle Legault. Posted Apr 19, 2011

Border Collie X Shepherd. He went missing May 9th, mid afternoon on Alpha St. Port Elgin. This picture is NOT HIM but looks VERY SIMILAR. He is a neutered male. He ran off wearing an old red collar, and brand new black and red leash. He is a big boy but suuper friendly. He is a farm dog & was not used to the business of Owen Sound and ran off. PLEASE call Kady at 519-706-0483 or 519-389-5633. PLEASE call if you have seen him around or have found him. He is very much missed. Posted May 10, 2011

Max went missing from our home in the Hepworth area on Apr. 27th. He is a 4 year old short haired black male with faint strips. Max is a shy boy around new people so will most likely not approach anyone. He has a tattoo in his ear. If found or if you have seen him around PLEASE contact Darrin or Shelley at 519 935-3859. Thank you for your help in finding this much loved and missed boy. His sister is lost without him. Posted May 18, 2011
Lost German Shepherd, Female approx. 3 yrs old. named Meesha - Pink Camo collar. From Williamsford area. Went missing Saturday night (May 21). Please contact Justin at 519-794-2628. Posted May 24, 2011

Bandit our 9 year old black & white Shih poo, was visiting Peddlers Drive in Calvin Township (Mattawa area).  On Sunday, May 22, 2011, he went missing. He is wearing a black collar with his name tag, "Bandit".  Please see attached photo, if you could please post on your website or any other area's that you think would be helpful in order to assist us in locating Bandit. Unfortunately his family was not with him, he was with a friend. We reside in Stratford, Ontario. Our family is devasted that he is missing, especial my deaf son, Bandit is his dog. If anyone has any knowlege of his whereabouts or if he is turned in they can contact me at 519-275-3398 (home). Thank you! Debbie Maola. Posted Jun 5, 2011

Leo went missing June 10 from 935 4 Ave E, Owen Sound - he has a tattoo from Markdale Veterinary - R ear.  Blue eyes, neutered, loving and friendly. His Sister Peanut went missing June 9 - picture sent separately. Please call Ethan - 519-270- 7421. We have posted posters all throughout the downtown core and have gone door to door to neighbours. Reward Offered if Found! Jill McLean. Posted Jun 13, 2011
Peanut went missing from 935 4 Ave E, Owen Sound on June 9, 2011.This petite female just finished nursing her 8 week kitten.  She has close set green eyes, and is very loving & friendly, but does not like cuddling/holding for long periods. Her Brother Leo went missing the following day from the neighbourhood. Posters have been placed all over the downtown core. Please call Ethan @ 519-270-7421. Reward offered if found!! Jill McLean. Posted Jun 13, 2011
My name is Dale Pollard 373 12th ave Hanover ontario. Here are a couple of pictures of my lost cat. They are pictures when he was a little younger. His name is Reilly. My phone number is 519-364-2297. Posted Jun 13, 2011
Lost- petite frail 15 year old orange female cat lost July 6th. Answers to the name of Honey. Lost in 6th St. and 4th Ave. East area of Owen Sound. Identifying tattoo in her right ear. If you have seen our girl, please call 519-371-1010 or 519-379-5438. Posted Jul 11, 2011

$1,000.00 Reward for locating Struppi - Grey and white Siberian Husky with brown eyes wearing a red collar. Last seen in Harriston Wellington County, ON - CONTACT: Karie 416-488-1768. Posted Jul 12, 2011

LOST: Tabby female cat. Small in size. Name is Tinsel and she is very shy, does not like to be picked up. If you spot her please call Paul at 519-372-2524. Lost in the 1100 block of 3rd ave west Owen Sound. Lost Midnight of July 12th. Posted Jul 13, 2011
Lost in the Wasaga beach area on Saturday July 16th around 4pm. Dog has tags on with his name and phone number and a small nylon black leash that he was on when he got loose. He is a light brown long haired chihaua he just turned 1 and he doesnt do well in the heat. His name is CHAMP he also answers to chi chi bear or champion. If you can help us we would greatly appreciate it!!!!! Contact Lorelei Egerton at lalaccm@hotmail.ca. Posted Jul 18, 2011

Missing puppies from St. Marys (West Ward), Ontario. Lost July 15th @ 5:30 pm when they bolted a fence and ran. Both dogs were rescues and had only been with us for 5 weeks. Given how long they have been missing, we are expanding our search. Bandit - black and white Husky/Shepherd mix (12 mons old) approx 55 lbs. and Bruce - reddish toned Lab (15 mons old) approx. 70 lbs. Call John or Heather Bullen at 519-284-1724/519-272-6784 or email jbullen9006@rogers.com. Posted Jul 21, 2011

We are missing our cat from Brantford. He has been missing since early July 19/11. We have reason to believe he may have been taken and dropped of somewhere by someone who was heading to Sault St. Marie and then heading to quebec. We have put adds on the internet, poster, been to the spca. Details-Large male cat, black and white,mostly black white stripe on belly white paws, white nose, black spot beside nose, neutered, front declaw. Unsure if he was chipped, it would be to an old owner, unsure of age at least two yrs + Very friendly, doen't care to be picked up. If you have knowledge or know where this cat is, please contact Jackie Stewart at (519)756-8920. Posted Jul 27, 2011

UPDATED November 15, 2012 - STILL MISSING ... Beagle - Bluetick 2 years old named  Crusty lost Sunday morning July 29. In Sauble Beach. If found, email me at tmichi20@bell.blackberry.net. Posted Aug 1, 2011
Cat lost at 6th St. N. and Riverside Place at Sauble Beach. Reward for return of cat. The cat has a white body, grey tail, blue eyes, Ragdoll named Tuffy. The cat is on a special diet and needs medication. If you have seen this cat, or know of the whereabouts of this cat, please contact Joan Brindle at (519) 422-0689. Posted Aug 2, 2011

Pepper is a Cairn Terrier mix with Yorkshire Terrier, 10-12 pounds, BLACK AND GREY, 4 years old and spayed. She has no collar on, no tattoo, no chip. Her left ear flops over and she just had a hair cut. She was last seen on Robin Hill Road London Ontario July 23/11. She went missing July 10/11 and she is very timid. If you have seen or have knowledge of my little girl please email dragonbites@rogers.com Laurie or call 519-630-7603 or 519-913-0700. Posted Aug 3, 2011

LOST CAT: One year old neutered male missing from 4th ave east. Grey with white stripes, fluffy tail. Please contact if you have seen him anywhere. 519-371-7664. Posted Aug 8, 2011
Ava our calico/tabby cat went missing on August 30/2011. from the far west and Brooke area of Owen Sound. She has on a collar with dragonflies/butterflies on it. She does have an ear tattoo although difficult to read. She is very timid. We miss her very much. Please contact us if you know of her whereabouts at (519) 372-0337. Posted Sep 9, 2011

MISSING SINCE MONDAY JUNE 27, 2011 - The Sauble Beach Area Near Sauble Falls Rd. REWARD  - Just call me  I will come to get him. MILO is a 4 Yr Old Orange Tabby Male Outdoor cat. Still has his claws. Very Friendly Has a Green Collar, with Red Tag and Bell Contact:  519-422-1780 or email jaysjvs@gmail.com. Posted Sep 15, 2011

Skinny is Missing in Sauble Beach area since Sep 20/11. Please email karen.skarnikat@gmail.com if you have seen this cat. Posted Sep 21, 2011
This is trigger. she is a very friendly female spayed cat with all claws. she went missing on July 14th, 2011 and havent seen her since. she is kind of a wonderer but always came home. shes from Elgin St in Port Elgin by the beach.. White and grey mostly with some tanish colour in the grey in areas. Blue eyes. If you have seen this cat, or know the whereabouts of this cat, please email me at candie.bar@hotmail.com. Posted Sep 22, 2011

Smokey missing since Sep 17, 2011 from Sauble Beach [Silver Lake Rd. and Municipal Rd.] age 12 years, old grey/brown taby, neutered, aprox. 12 lbs. Has lump on tail from recent injury. If you have seen or know of the whereabouts of this cat, please call (519) 935-2433. Posted Sep 22, 2011

Bandit, big long white cat with a black mask . He's been gone for a bout 5 days now . I still wonder if someone is taking him in... cause he has done this through the summer. But , usually after 3 days he is home.  I hope by e-mailing you ... that will bring him home . It usually does. Please contact Sharon at snicol@bmts.com. Posted Oct 19, 2011

Our cat Luna has gone missing from around Bognor/Massie. She is a small short-haired cat (though her fur can look very fluffy!) and she is orange and white. She is extremely friendly and will approach anyone. It is our hope someone simply picked her up as she doesn't have a collar. We miss her very much and want her home! Please contact if you have any information. Contact Sarah Dykeman at sdykeman08@gmail.com. Posted Oct 29, 2011

Violet is a 4 year old, spayed, calico. She is very small and long haired. She is a very quiet cat. She is the cat on top in the photo (white face) and would appear older now--longer hair, more mature face, etc. She is not wearing a collar.  She is a super gentle cat although she will growl when you restrain her, she will not bite. She lives near Jackson on a farm and has been missing for 2 days now.  We hope that she is just mousing but she always returns home to sleep in the house during the day even though she's a "barn cat". Please call 519-370-2275 if you have seen her. Posted Nov 16, 2011

Kody was found - He was 15 feet down a crevice just off the Bruce Trail. 1 whole week, no food, no water, but he's ok! It's a miracle!!!We had an awesome weekend of celebrating and hanging out with Kody Bear!!! He's skinny... but a trooper! Thanks so so so much for all your support this past week! You guys ROCK!!!!. Updated Nov 28, 2011 - Posted Nov 21, 2011
Meisha went missing in Milton Ontario  july 1/2011 while camping at the Milton heights campground I received contact that she was seen being picked up. Meisha is 7 yrs old, spayed, miniature pinscher, 20 lbs (little grey on her chin). She did not have her collar and is not microchipped or tattooed. There is a large cash reward - Please call 416-855-2500 if you know of her whereabouts ... she also has an FB page at:  https://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Meisha-LOST-July-2011-Please-Come-Home/277110995651080. Posted Nov 30, 2011

Lewis is lost, wearing black collar, neutered, Great Pyrness with touch of grey on ears. If you have seen this dog, please contact Tammy or Joe Blackwell at 519-538-2062. He is wearing a Pet Safe Brand Containment collar which is a black box shape.  He was last seen in the Grandview Road area. Posted Dec 5, 2011

PLEASE CALL BARB 905-571-5562 if you have seen - MISSING SINCE NOVEMBER 28TH, 2011 BETWEEN 7:30 & 7:45 PM from Simcoe/Olive & King/Ritson Oshawa area. Friendly especially with other dogs sometimes shy with some people. Brown short Shar-pei missing from Oshawa since Nov.28.2011 right off the property. Has special care needs! Posted Dec 13, 2011


Sometime through the night or early this morning Snoopy my boss John McNabb dog went missing The dog is a Reg. Shnauser he went missing from 135 Carney Street in Owen Sound, he is grey in color,  14 yrs. Old  in dog years and partially blind. If you have this pet or if he has been seen,  John's cell number is 519.374.5821. Posted Dec 23, 2011

My name is Liz Arnold,  Recently our two dogs (Samoyed/Huskey mix) went missing. Please see the details below. Dog names: Cinder 2.5yrs, Ella 1yr - owner: Liz Arnold - Home #: 519 422 1518 - Cell # 226 923 0676 - Date lost: Dec 31 at noon - Last seen in Sauble Beach area, Sauble Falls Pky. - Size/Weight: 40-43 lbs, medium build - Colour/Markings: Cinder-white/cream, Ella-Huskey markings, grey, white,black - Collar: Cinder, pink collar, Ella-pink/purple collar - Microchipped: yes, both. Please contact me at home or cell or on my email at lizziehc91@hotmil.com. Posted Jan 1/12

Sarge has been missing since Friday January 6, 2012. He was last seen on West Bangor Lodge Road (the point) near Bracebridge. He is an English Bulldog (65lbs), faun/white, with a curly tail, neutered and microchipped. Sarge is very friendly (could be hiding). Please do not chase him, but contact Shauna (24/7) at 416-738-7050. He is much loved and very missed. Posted Jan 20/12

Bella - was found and is home with her humans and very happy. Updated Sep 17/12 Posted Jan 29/12

Maggie was found - updated Feb 7/12. Posted Feb 3/12

Mollie was lost on February 7, 2012 in the area of 4th line [Airport Road] and Hwy 89 in Mono/Mulmur Township. She is timid, 3 years old, microchipped and has a brown leather collar w/tags, 50lbs, spayed. Please call Jodi Belliveau at 705-440-7312 or 705-440-7312 if you have seen this dog. Posted Feb 13/12

Monito is a neutered, 7 year old male shih-tzu/cross Spitz.  He was frightened by fireworks at his home on Dec. 31st/11 and went missing that night.  He is very friendly, loves other dogs and people.  He looks like his photo here; and when groomed he does look different. Perhaps someone has kindly picked him up, he might have travelled some distance.  He needs medication and we will gladly give a reward for help with his return to our family!  He is greatly loved and missed.  Please call Kim at 519-856-9586 or cell # 519-820-7873 with any information. Posted Feb 14/12

On February 1, 2012 around 5pm, our dog went missing in Angus Ont. She was last seen in an undeveloped subdivision on Centre St. near the Nottawasaga River. Her name is Cassius, she is a spayed female Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog. She is 15 months old weighing 60lbs. She was wearing a red collar with a long pink rope attached to it. She did not have any tags, but is up to date with all her vaccinations. She is white and fawn with chocolate merle. She is covered in chocolate spots. She's very beautiful! She has green/ yellow eyes, and a long kinked tail. We have searched everywhere for her, and have found no traces of her! We are truely heartbroken. So i am sending this e mail to several different vets and shelters throughout the region, hoping that maybe someone has seen her. If you think that you may have, could you please contact us right away. I will give a list of phone numbers for you should you have any information. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. I realize that many of these shelters are a far distance from us, but we are desperate to get her back! Please call:705 424 1394, 705 241 1374 or 705 734 4276. Posted Feb 14/12

Momo is 3 years old, tabby, no collar, grey with white strips and green eyes. He is a very shy indoor cat, gentle and does not bite or scratch. Please contact us if you see him at (519) 794-2136. Posted Feb 24/12

On March 20 in London, Ontario, our Yorkie escaped from our yard and according to a neighbour was picked up by some ladies who came to her door to see if she belonged to her. When she said no, the ladies told her they would bring her to the Humane Society. Unfortunately, we have contacted all the shelters in our area and she has not been turned in. So given that we live on a street that brings out of town people via the 402 and 401, we are emailing all shelters in hopes that our dog Roxie has been turned into one of them. She is about 9 years old and was a puppy mill rescue, she is not in the best of health, but our vet has helped us do all we can for her. She has had many teeth removed and has a large bald spot on her back. And unfortunately, we and Roxie are learning the hard way that little dogs need collars too, as she did not have one. If you have had a yorkie turned into you would you please call 519 652 0737 or 519.670.8016 and you can email at lavoiep@rogers.com. We miss her desperately. Lynn Lavoie. Posted Mar 24/12

Bella was found. Updated Apr 3/12 - Posted Apr 1/12

Found a pet bird in my backyard on April 16, 2012.  If was found on Owen Sounds west hill close to Black's Park. Please call Jennie at 519-376-8914. Posted Apr 18/12

My cat of 18 years got out of an open that a drywaller working at my house left open while i was away.  He is mostly brown and will be very timid as he has never been outside. His name is Charlie and comes to his name when called. He will likely be very hungry but cant eat dry food (although he will try) He escaped from my home in Hanover so PLEASE be on the lookout for him. and if you find him call me a.s.a.p 519-364-0151 or my cell 519-493-8888. This cat means the world to me so please help me bring him home. Posted May 22/12

My cat ran away on Friday night from Bruce Beach, Kincardine. She is a de clawed, spayed female and about nine years in age. She has a white front and a black and brown tabby back, pink nose, green eyes. Anything you can do to help would be greatly appreciated. She is dearly missed. Thank you so much for your time, contact Kat at kathleen.a.sloan@gmail. She is not microchiped and does not have a collar. Posted May 24/12

Missy was last seen at Touts Grove, Cottage 49 Bruce Beach. Ran away and loves to hide under decks. Missy is a brown, black and white tabby, declawed front paws, pink nose, spayed, and not micrchiped. If you have seen Missy, please contact Kat at (647) 216-2313 or Garrett (416) 427-1703 or email at Kathleen.a.sloan@gmail.com. Posted May 25/12

Found on 8th Avenue East, just down form Notre Dame School.  Extremely friendly!!!! Have checked neighbourhood and called radio stations and no one has claimed him. He needs to find his home ASAP. Please call Anne 519-376-7878. Posted May 28/12

Jenny She was found this morning ...very skinny and scared but okay. Thank you Bekki Updated Jun 6/12. Posted Jun 5/12

This cat was found hanging around at the Frosty Freeze in Wiarton. I have taken her in to our home. It is a female probably about 5 to 6 months old. She is very friendly and affectionate - contact at 519-534-9334 or 519-534-5613. Posted Jun 8/12

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Rickie is a long hair Persian. All white with yellow around face and tail. 1year old and neutered. He was lost June 16 around 11AM at 504785 grey road 1, Owen Sound. If you have any information, please contact Michael at 416-528-8912 or fmike826@yahoo.com Thank you very much Michael. Posted Jun 18/12

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Buddy ... He came back on his own early Sunday morning! He was matted, but otherwise just hungry and tired. Thank you for your help. Linda.  Updated Jun 26/12 - Posted Jun 21/12

Hex - GSD - Reward for her safe return home. She is missing her front right leg, she is very fast and likes to chase cars. She is super friendly with adults and kids. Went missing around St. George Street in Fergus on July 9, 2012. If you have any information or have the dog, please call (647) 985-8012. Posted Jul 10/12

Peatree was lost on July 29th. She was last seen in Sauble Beach. I miss her so much, I'd appreciate anyone who has any information to contact Josolyn at 519-270-8781 or 519-422-3408. There is a cash reward for finding the cat. Posted Aug 7/12

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We are missing our female cat Natasha, who is fixed. She wasn't wearing any collar at the time she went missing. She was lost in the Desboro area. If you have seen her or know of her whereabouts, please contact McKayla at (519) 363-9121. Posted Aug 10/12

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Charles went missing on August 11th. We live on Wilder Lake Rd. just south west of Durham (east of Varney). He is a 1 year old, neutered male. He is white with ginger tabby colouring. He does not have a collar nor is he micro-chipped. He has ginger colouring around his nose (making it look like a moustache). He is very friendly and meows really loudly! If you have seen him please e-mail Nigel or Krista nosb@hotmail.com or call 519-369-1677. Posted Sep 10/12

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We have found our kitten Gypsy ... found her today ... unharmed & in one piece. Updated Aug 22. Posted Aug 21/12

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Our cat Tiffy went missing on Monday Sept 10th 2012 in the 3rd st A west area near harrison park. She is spayed and was not wearing a collar at the time she went missing. She is the white with grey and black markings. My kids miss her dearly. If found please call 5193792512 or email jjtaylor@bmts.com. Posted Sep 12/12

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Marshall went missing around Grey Road 24 outside of Williamsford on Saturday September 15, 2012. He may be wearing a black collar with a small bell, has a medical condition and needs a special diet. If found please call (519) 794-0475. Posted Sep 16/12
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Our cat Morgan went missing September 12. He is black with small white patches in his armpits and on his chest and lower belly. Morgan is about a year and a half old, he's thin and very friendly. He went missing in the area of East Linton and Balmy Beach Rd. If seen, please call Hayley at 226-923-0635. Posted Sep 18/12

Biffer and Bella were found. Updated Sep 26/12. Posted Sep 19/12
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Barrett, light/dark brown Boxer cross, collar with tags and microchipped. He weighs 40 lbs and is 20". Lost on September 6 while driving through Goldstone, Ontario. There is a reward offered. Please call Jamie or Erin at 905-733-0645 OR 905-834-2044. Posted Sep 20/12
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Leia. She came home on her own yesterday and appears to be just fine. Updated Sep 22/12. Posted Sep 21/12
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This is Vince. He's neutered, tattooed on under belly (SPCA in Barrie when they neuter a cat). He's 2 and half. Very friendly. Last seen wearing a black collar. He's been missing for a week. He resides normally on the east end. I think someone might be bringing him in. I ask for people to please stop doing this. If an animal appears healthy do not take them in. They probably have a home. His family misses him dearly and is very concerned. Please call kobi @ 2266643900 if you have any information. Posted Oct 11/12
Our cat, Licorice got out sometime Friday. we did see her in the back yard Friday night but the neighbors dog spooked her & we haven't seen her since. food out, searching peoples yards. If by chance a tortoiseshell  comes in to you could you let us know. I will try to attach a picture. Please contact Anne or Paul Caron at annemariecaron@rogers.com. Posted Nov 19/12

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Crusty was lost on July 30, 2012. He is a 2 year old beagle x blue tick about 30-35 pounds. Lost in the area of  Sauble Falls at night. Crusty is a hunting dog, but very friendly. If found or seen please contact immediately. Tom Michi tmichi20@bell.blackberry.net or Heather Michi hmichi@live.ca. Posted Nov 25/12

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Missing Female white German Shepherd from Glenelg area, (between Durham and Priceville) missing since Friday December 14th at 1pm. She is about 85lbs, has scars on her face and muzzle, is aloof with strangers and will run if you try to catch her. She has a tattoo in BOTH ears. If you see her please call right away we will come and get her, she is on meds and requires them daily. Please call Hanna at 519-369-1007. Posted Dec 16/12
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Champ has returned home. Updated Dec 26/12. Posted Dec 20/12
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Ellie was lost on Christmas Eve in the Clavering area. She is a 10 year old 75 lb German Short Haired Pointer (looks like a Choc lab with a docked tail). She has a blue and green collar w/o tags. If you have seen this dog or know of her where abouts, please contact Dave at: 226-930-1217 or email: daveoates1@gmail.com. Posted Dec 26/12

Emma was last seen behind Harvey's in Owen Sound on Wednesday Jan 2nd and possibly seen on Jan 1 in Owen Sound near 20th St E. She is a 12 month old Blue Tick cross, female. She has been missing since November 18th, 2012 at her home in the Keady/Desboro Area. She has a Rabies tag attached to her pink collar. She is dearly missed by her family. Please help us bring her home, if you know where she is or anything about her please contact Amy at (519) 363-5753. Posted Jan 5/13
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Russian Blue - has a nick out of the top of her left ear. Her name is ANA Lost in the 800 Block of 7th St East  in Owen Sound. She is a shy girl and will likely be hiding. If you see her, please call me at (226) 664-0080. Thank you. Posted Jan 15/13
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Tessa is lost, black & white female husky with blue eyes, wearing a pink collar. She went missing Monday Feb 11 from Varney. If you have seen her, or have information, please contact Suzanne Charles at (905) 823-5639 or (519) 369-7061. Posted Feb 15/13

Rusty was found. Updated May 8th. Posted Feb 22/13
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Bella and Copper missing since Oct 29, 2012. REWARD!!! These girls are coming up on their 3rd birthday. We would like to see them back in our home. If anyone has seen them please call 705-446-0080 or 705-293-0858. These tri colored beagles are litter mate's and our house pets (not hunting dogs) they had/have leather collars with tags and phone numbers on them. Posted Mar 1/13
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Kit has been found.  Updated Apr 3/13. Posted Apr 1/13

Have you seen this cat? Please contact OSAS at osas@bmts.com with the information or contact Krista Ryan at kristaryan@yahoo.com. Posted Apr 4/13
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Our Brittany Spaniel Willie has been missing since Friday evening April 5 from our cottage on Concession 5 (other side of Park Head Road off Bruce Road 10 south of Hepworth) in Keppel Township. He's an older dog at 14 years but in relatively good shape. He's friendly and approaches people to say hello but may be very scared and may pull back when approached.  He will be wearing a bandana as shown in the photo and a leather collar with 2 bear bells (mainly so we know where he is on our property). He has never wandered from the property and we are devastated that we can't find him. All our neighbours have been notified and they will keep an eye on their sheds and their property. We are all very worried and miss him very much. PLEASE CONTACT ME AT 416 627-3489. Posted Apr 9/13

I lost my cat on 3rd avenue west near the Billy Bishop Museum on Tuesday, April 23rd. He fell out of our bedroom window and ran off. We have searched everywhere for him but cannot find him. We miss him very much and he's never been outside of the house before so we are very worried. He may also have an injury from the fall. He meows a lot and and is very affectionate. He's gained a few pounds since the picture was taken. Please contact Michelle at michelleeper@gmail.com. Thank you. Posted Apr 23/13
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FOUND. Updated Jul 11/13. Posted Apr 27/13
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LEO was found. Updated May 8th. Posted May 7/13
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Eli went missing around 5th ave 'A' west, near Hillcrest. Here is a photo of our kitten (approx 6 months old). He is an American Long Hair. He is so friendly and very social. He is very curious and will not run from anyone who would go up to him, so it is easy to grab him. He has been missing since Monday, May 20th and always comes to us when we call him. He has a green collar with 2 tags on there (1for registration, 1 for rabies vaccines). If you have seen him or have him, please give us a call right away - during the day 519-376-6521 (and ask for jessica) or in the evening - 519-372-2896 or by email jessica_neerhof@hotmail.com. Thank you very much. Posted May 21/13

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MISSING Lost OCTOBER 1, 2012 - Tippy is a rescue from a puppy mill and is very fearful of people she will run if you chase her. She was wearing an aqua blue collar with a red FOSTER DOG tag. There have been sittings near Dunkeld / Cargill / Chepstow. If you have seen her, or have any information, please call (416) 787-3862 or email us at info@adoptadogsavealife.com. Posted Jun 1/13
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Sabastian escaped from my vehicle at Bayview Public school over by 7th Ave east Owen sound June 5th 2013. Medium build light sandy orange. Very friendly. He is declawed and neutured with all of his shots. He is the 6 th member of our family and loved very much by all of us especially all 3 children. Any information would be appreciated please help bring him home. He also answers to "Kitty" and of course loves the sound of his cat treats. Thank you so much. Please call Shauna at 519 371 5276, 519 270 1653 or 519 371 2936 if you have information. Posted Jun 7/13
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Bojangles was found. Updated Jun 20/13. Posted Jun 17/13
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Lost July 2nd 2013, Saint Bernard named Monty. Age 9. Friendly. Partially blind and hearing impaired. Grey RD 40 & Grey RD 7 Grey Highlands. Close to Meaford and Thornbury. Please call 705 333 7958. Posted Jul 2/13

C.J. came home. Updated Jul 13/13. Posted Jul 11/13
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Young male cat named Baxter lost around the 8th of August in Tara. Very friendly, does not like dogs. Adopted from the shelter last fall, we love him and miss him very much. Please call Melanie Shore if found, 519 477 9826. Thank you!. Posted Aug 12/13
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Moe has been missing since Thursday August 1st, he is very friendly but does not have a collar. We live on 8th st east between 9th ave and 8th ave, if found please call 519-371-0755. Posted Aug 6/13

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Riley was last seen in Goderich July 31, 2013. Riley is recovering from a surgery and needs to be found. Riley is spayed, white/brown wired haired Westie/Shih Tzu. As she was recovering from surgery she had no collar or ID but was last seen on Bennett Street East. If you have seen or have information on Riley, please email kc-jm@hotmail.com or phone (519) 525-5771 or (519) 482-9238. There is a reward for her return. Posted Aug 13/13

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My cat has been missing from my parents home in Port Elgin (Century Drive and Robin st)since Aug 2/13. He is neutered and white with orange.  Very timid to strangers, probably won't go near anyone. Large face (gowels). Slender. He has black spots on the Inside of his mouth and one of his eye teeth is chipped off. He has a scar down his face from fighting. Little bugger.  He has never been to port Elgin since home is in Ancaster, ON. If you happen to find my boy. Please contact my parents. I am in Alberta working. Richard Dawes or Brenda Henderson @ 1.519.389.3950. Posted Aug 14/13

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Crowder went missing Thursday, August 8th from 1495 Concession 12 Port Elgin (Macwin Equestrian Centre). She was wearing a pinkish purple collar with white flower print and a bell (it may have fallen off). She has green eyes, and she also has a few whiskers that are black and white. She is spayed and has claws.  Crowder is a very friendly cat, but may run away if you try and catch her, please approach her slowly! Crowder is very loved and missed very much, and we would really like her back home safe! Please contact Kimberly at kimberlymullenix92@gmail.com if you have seen her. Posted Aug 19/13

LOST CAT orange and white  one year old neutered male ( long and lean ), TOO FRIENDLY ... people want to take him home ... and he's just as likely to follow someone home.  He goes by the name Charzy and is well known on the 3rd St. West Neighbourhood (above Moore's hill) near the escarpment.  He was wearing a new (cat paw) blue collar that breaks away and is reflective at night. The bell was removed. He's been missing since August 12/13 and is missed by his kids. He has a small white circle patch over one of his shoulders. Since this picture he has lengthened and is lean. If anyone has seen him or knows of his whereabouts, please email Lynn at lynnroy@bmts.com. Posted Aug 20/13

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Well, a wonderful ending for the wayward Jack. After another search I returned home to a simple email message. Subject: Found Your Dog. Thank you Dane F. for taking Jack into your home last night. Our family is greatly relieved. When I picked him up Dane simply said he understood, he has a dog. But mostly a big thanks to this group for posting and re-posting and spreading the word. We would not have found Jack without you. ~Myke, Philly, Cleo and Nate. Updated Aug 27/13. Posted Aug 26/13

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On August 8th our beloved family pet jumped off the deck and vanished in Pike Bay Ontario. We have placed an ad on Owen Sound Kijiji and this evening someone replied that they saw a stray just like ours outside of Owen Sound. We have replied to her for additional information. But in the meantime, have you received our cat at Animal Control? Misty the Grey Tabby is 13lbs, Female 7 years old, fixed, all shots and recent dental cleaning, has all claws. I have enclosed a picture if you could check. Any help in returning her to us would be greatly appreciated.If you have seen this cat or have information, please contact Kevin or Linda at 905-637-0809. Posted Aug 27/13

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My dogs were found. Updated Sep 3/13. Posted Sep 2/13

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Copper is a standard poodle, orange colour. He went missing on Sept 24th at about 2 p.m. on Grey Road 1 just north of Hogg's Corner which is just north of Cobble Beach Golf Club. He is neutered and has a red "Purina" collar on. He's friendly but is wary of strangers. Please contact me if you hear anything. Doris Waite 519-371-1297. Posted Sep 25/13

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Chloe is a Female Bengal. Been missing since beginning of september in South Oliphant area. North of Sauble Beach. She is friendly. Please contact Leslie Sutton at road_runner5140@msn.com. Posted Sep 11/13

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Charlie has been found. Updated Oct 3/13. Posted Oct 1/13

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Bolt returned home. Updated Oct 5/13 Posted Oct 2/13

Felix was found. Updated Oct 11/13. Posted Oct 9/13

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Remington has been found - Injured but alive. Updated Nov 5/13. Posted Nov 1/13

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Our cat has been missing since Oct 25th. We live on 5th Ave West just off 26th street. Very friendly cat. His name is Kujo. He is neutered and declawed. Please contact us 519-372-1262. Posted Nov 6/13

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Tabby lost Dec 29/13.  De-clawed, named "Cosby" is shy easily frightened. Lost at the end of 7 th ave east , parkview estates. Please call Dave and Trish. 519 376 3041. Cell 519 374 1165. Posted Jan 1/14

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My 1.5 yr old black and white male cat got out of the house wed jan 15/14 and we haven't seen him since. Please call Kandice or Jon 519-370-0029. Missing from 3 ave e near kfc or email kandice graver at cookie7903@hotmail.com. Posted Jan 17/14

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Dakota was found. Updated Jan 21/14 Posted Jan 20/14

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I am looking for help in finding my little puppy.. she has been lost since march 9th. last seen at Boyne Valley prov park on prince of wales rd near hwy 10-89. primrose. She is 4 months old.. color is black.grey.tan..tan legs.. white on chest..black face and black ears. she is a pug cross.. has a puggy face.. curly tail. last was wearing a blue jacket.. if ANYONE HAS FOUND HER AND BROUGHT HER IN PLEASE PLEASE CONTACT MYSELF ASAP.. ANYTIME.. I wish for her return.. i miss her dearly. Please post this so that she does not get rehomed..Please help is possible Thank you Schniece at 705-890-3414 or email at s.galka@hotmail.ca.  Posted Mar 14/14
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Missing in Keppel Sarawak/owen sound marina area. One year old male cat, orange and white tabby. Neutered and declawed. No collar. Very friendly and will approach anyone. Answers to "Ash". Missing since Friday may 2/14. Possibly travelling with almost identical orange cat. Three little boys are devastated :( please contact 519-374-1839 if seen.   Posted May 5/14
Hi there, thought just in case my cat makes it to your shelter... Her name is Mink. She's not friendly except with me. She managed to ake it through the winter outdoors with my help. I was finally able to pet her. Missing for a week now. My house is near Oxenden, Wiarton... Grandore St. Mink has been fixed and had rabies shot last year. A pic with her and her sister taken about a month ago is attached. Thank you, Mary 416.435.6029 (for message) or 519.534.5539 (weekends). Posted May 5/14
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Xander was found. Updated May 17/14. Posted May 15/14
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Any one seen my dogs ?? They went missing this morning while I was getting ready to go to a horse show... Last seen on Derry Line by County Road 11.. near Owen Sound Please contact me right away if you have seen them... 519-372-6773 this is posted sunday June 8 2014 .. Thanks the big Blonde is Whiskey & the smaller dark one is JD . Posted June 9/14
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...Our little Doug is in a forest far away from his home and family. He loves to run and thats exactly what he did last  Friday. My Daughter went to visit friends in Godfrey and the minute the car door opened, little Doug took off, thinking it was the park that he walks in daily. We are really sorry that we didnt have him leashed and this is a lesson we will not soon forget.
Can you please keep an eye out for our little Doug. My daughter had to come back to work, but we are going back to look for him again this weekend.  Hes is a bit apprehensive around men because he is a rescue dog.  He weighs about 50lbs. He has a mangled right ear as well as a scar on his right side.  He does have his collar on, but its black like him.  He has a tag on his collar. He also has a white flea/tic collar. He makes regular visits to the vet and has all his vaccinations. Ive given our phone numbers to all the neighbours in case he comes home. If you see him anywhere, please call, regardless of the time. We love Doug and we really miss him. Please call Betty Anne at 905-839-1151 Ext. 5050 or 289-923-7988 bettyanne.gilker@opg.com. Or please call Jill 905-706-3101 or Rumba106@msn.com. Posted June 9/14
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Ron is a large grey/brown tabby who went missing in the Annan area on July 15th. He is not wearing a collar but is microchipped. He has white fur around his mouth and chin, and is missing three teeth on the lower left side of his mouth. He is an indoor cat and is very friendly.  If found or you have seen this cat, please call (519) 371-2487 or (519) 803-0714. Posted July 18/14
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I live in the 995 building in Owen Sound, and somehow my cat must have gotten into the hallway Saturday morning as we've not been able to find him after going through the apartment several times. I've put notices up in the building, but was also curious if anyone dropped off or reported a found cat. His name is Buddy, I adopted him from your shelter. If you have seen this cat or know where it is, please contact Will at gorrac @ gmail.com. We'd appreciate it. Posted July 22/14
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My cat Chester went missing in the Spry Lake area of Oliphant on Saturday night.  I have enclosed a picture in the event that someone brings him to your animal shelter. If he shows up there , please call me at 519 534 1434 Thanks! Vicki. Posted Aug 2/14
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LOST CAT - Poohsie has been missing since Aug. 3/14. He is a GRAY neutered male, medium long hair, with peach tones on the underside.  He is very WARY.  He loves exploring corn fields, and went missing from GREY RD. 109, between HOLSTEIN and MOUNT FOREST.  Offering reward.  CONTACT:  Isabelle Watson 519-323-9419. Posted Aug 19/14
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This is Tax she's 8 and very lovable. She is very thin. And has a long tail. I miss her terrible. please call Jackii Jones at (226) 664 0215. Posted Aug 27/14
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Chief was found "safe and sound". Updated Aug 30/14. Posted Aug 28/14
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Gizmo and Nightmare have gone missing. Gizmo is large andorange with cream coloured chest, he's a neutered male. Nightmare is a spayed female and is smaller, she's only a year old and has a micro chip with a frayed pink collar. Nightmare belongs to our oldest daughter and will be heartbroken if she comes home from camp if her kitten is missing. Any info would be greatly appreciated. They often hang around together (with Nightmare's black and white sister-who is still home) They didn't usually wander too far from home. Corner of Queen St. N and Union St. E of Harriston. Gizmo was last seen Aug 25, Nightmare was last seen Aug 27, 2014. Posted Aug 30/14

Our unfixed male black cat with a little white on his chest and two nicks in his ears did not come home Saturday night Aug 29th. Can you please let us know if anyone finds him, Thank you. Lost in the town of Dundalk around Osprey st N area. (519) 938-6627. Posted Sep 2/14
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Cockatoo Teeny was found. Updated Sep 5/14. Posted Aug 30/14

She was found. Updated Sep 9/14. Posted Sep 8/14
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Hi guys, I thought Id send a different picture so you get the sense of the actual size of Alazia.Again, she went missing in the Brewster Lake area in Osprey Township on Thursday, September 18.  Shes very friendly and love people, so my hope is that someone took her home and theyll be kind enough to return her.  Ive been babysitting her for 3 months for Josh (in photo) and he just arrived home last night from BC.  Sure would love to reunite them! Feel free to call or text my cell anytime 705-888-0647.Thanks for all your help! Joy. Posted Sep 23/14
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The landlord from 97 Lake Dr. N., Tony Alzan and Margaret Fehily, came with a cage he placed under the stair of the building and removed two of ours pets. The first one, Simba, an orange, long hair, male, fix.  The second, Star, is medium gray, white collar and face, long hair, female and fix. Both cats are senior and well over 15 years old, very friendly (Star has a very quiet voice and is now having trouble to jump.)  I would appreciate very much if you could contact us if you have any information on their where about. We are still hoping ours pets will be found, safe and sound, in a shelter.  After a week of searching for Simba, we are fearing the worst... Contact Carol (Simba owner 97  lake dr apt 11, Keswick, Ontario) or Tim (Star owner 97 lake dr apt 12, Keswick, Ontario) at cell # 905 251 6015 or http://www.helpinglostpets.com/petdetail/?id=270856; and http://www.helpinglostpets.com/petdetail/?id=267387. Posted Sep 29/14

Lost Kitty Cat~ Spayed Silver Tabby with mostly white face, white underside and white spot on back, about 8 years old with collar. Mother cat and family missing her dearly. Lost from 4th St E between 7th Av E & 8th Av E area ~ she has been seen recently (October 1st) between 1st St- 8th St E area. Please, if you have any information call Cindy @ 519-377-9134 or 519-470-3373. She is shy but friendly, but will likely run off. Posted Oct 3/14
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