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The exact place and date of birth of Johann is not known. According to a document that was dictated by John Sitver, the youngest so and was discovered in the 1940s in a box of books at the farm sale of Reuben Stiver, Johann and Anna were natives of the Duchy of Hannover Germany. [1] This document indicated that the family had emigrated to Canada in 1792 but we know that they didn't arrive in Canada until 1794. Unfortunately, I have not seen a copy of this letter, only a transcription. No further proof of this place of birth has been found to date. I continue to look for baptism and marriage records for Johann.

In the ship list for the Catharina, that left Altona, Germany on May 2, 1792 on which some of the Berczy settlers went to the United States, there is Stubbe mit Frau und 5 Kinder [Stubbe with wife and 5 children]. [2] It is believed that this would be Johann Stöber. We are aware of only four children who travelled with Johann and Anna so this may be a clerical error or perhaps a child died before they arrived in Canada or remained in the United States or had left home by the time of William Berczy's census of settlers in 1803. [3]

At some point after the family's arrival in Canada, the surname was changed to Stiver. The early land documents were listed as Stöber.

The 200 acre parcel of land that Berczy allotted to Johann Niclaus Stöber was at Lot 19, Concession 2 of Markham Township. This is south of the present day Major Mackenzie Drive, between Bayview Avenue and Leslie Street, near the Town of Richmond Hill. On the Ontario Archives Land Record Index, Johann is called Nicholas Stöber. He received the land by free grant and it was issued July 3, 1797. He received the patent for this land in 1808 but Johann immediately sold it to Henry C. Philips. [3] There is also a lease of land at lot 20 concession 6 dated January 5, 1804. They moved from Markham Township for a while and resided in Niagara until the War of 1812 broke out. [1] Map of the location of the properties.

We know that Anna had two children after the family came to North America. When you read descriptions of the conditions during their voyage across the ocean, life in New York State and in Markham Township, you realize that it would have been very difficult for her to care for her family. What hardships they must have endured! [4]

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