OPERA Private Property Issues and Landowner Concerns

2010 OPERA Annual Report

Response to State Managment (011-2841)

Response to More State Management (011-2842)

Contract Land Rights

At-Last - A Realistic Greenbelt Critique

Double-Dipping in the Public Trough

Growing Greenbelts Globally

Unpublished Conflicts + Unknown Remedies = Unnamed Fixers

Private Business vs. Regulatory Over-Kill 

Incremental Socialism?

One More Review = Lots More Regulation

Counterfeit Stakeholders

Cossaro Notes

Designation Without Representation

Dodging The Law

Comparing Principles

Coalition Annual Report

Converting Private Land to Wildlife Habitat

Another Greenbelt Study

Monitoring Conservation Authorities

An Open Letter

Rigged Consultation


A New Broom At MNR

Off Base Lecture Bombs

Surplus Stakeholders

Academic Farmers

Watershed Decision

A Good Question

Strength Through Unity

Question Period

Who Wins - Who Loses?

Re-Branding Private Property

More Questions

Awaiting Reply

Don't Ask Questions - Get A Lawyer

From Manipulated Start to Pre-Orchestrated Finish

More Smoke and Mirrors 

Devaluing Private Land

E-Mail Members Memo

Legislation by Lobbyists

Ontario's Shadow Government

Land Ownership Editorial

What is OPERA and What Does It Do

Waiting for MNR Response

June/08 Count-Down To Regulations

It's About Transparency And Accountability

Private Landowners Are an Endangered Species

Stretching a Statute

Greenbelt - Re-Distributing Wealth by Government Decree

Growing the Greenbelt Without Voter Input

Bigger is Not Always Better

Landowner Alert

More Land Use Regulations

Waiting For Answers - Again!

Open Letter to Minister of Natural Resources

More Land Use Manipulation

Municipal Resolution Versus Provincial Intention


Public Trails / Private Land

A Heads-Up for Municipalities and Local Taxpayers

Hear! Hear!

Partial Takings - A Government Speciality 

Squeezing Landowners  

Ownership Rights 101

Biased Report

Analyzing an Analysis

On the Trail of Alberta Ownership

An OPERA Report

A Heads-Up for Ontario Legislators

 Missing Statutes in Canada

Hiding SAR Penalty Limits  

Let’s Be Clear on Our Definitions

Under Surveillance

What Ownership Rights Do we Want


OPERA Information Bulletin

A Proposed Statute Long Overdue

Letter to Prime Minister Harper

Endangered Landowners

Municipal & MPP Memorandum

An Overview

True Copy of UN 1976 Land Use Statement

TNC Natural Heritage Program

Letter to the Editor - CA Regulation

Letter to MOE Minister Broten

Western Standard Editorial

News Story for Media Publication

Municipal Memorandum 2

CA Editor Letter to Ontario Farmer

E-mail to Ontario Cabinet

Lakeshore Speaks Out

Regulatory Minefield

Land Rights and Responsibilities Act

Municipal Memorandum

Halton Bill 43 Submission

Support for Bill 43 Commentary

Massaging the Conservation Authorities Act

The Devil is in The Details

Due Diligence

Waiting for Answers

Expropriation by Designation

Landowners Beware  

Regulatory Roulette

Draft OFA Resolution

Submission to Greenbelt Standing Committee

Landowner Bulletin Memo

Literary License with Incense

Last Rites

Shearing Sheep

Deer Removal Press Release

Michigan State Letters

OPERA Letter to Murdoch

American Land Rights: Grassroots Victory! Dark-of-Nite E.S.A. Land Grab  Defeated!, 11/21

”MPP Says Greenbelt Unfair to Private Landowners”

Golden Horseshoe Greenbelt

Opera Remarks to Greenbelt Public Meeting Caledon

OPERA Comments to Greenbelt Workshop at Burlington

OPERA Greenbelt Discussion Paper

OPERA Commentary on Bill26

Landowners’ Rights an Overview by Dr. James White P.Ag

Special All-Member Memo on Landowner Concerns

Comments Bill 27 to Minister - OPERA

Comments GH Green Belt TF Report - OPERA

ARTICLE - Golden Horseshoe Greenbelt

OPERA Landowner Property Protocol

Open Ministerial Letter on District Authority  


Condensation of Henry Lamb Editorial

OPERA Follow-Up on GDG Letter to OMAF

Green Movement Excerpts

The Georgian Triangle Development Institute


OPERA Special Bulletin on SARA Hearing

 Written OPERA Submission to SARA Senate Committee

Attachment Mr. Trevor Swerdfager re: e-mail to Terry Mueller Attachment

OPERA  Agenda Recommendations for Species At Risk

OPERA Letter to Attorney General 

C-15B Senate Committee 

Media Submission from Eastern Ontario 

Editorial Letter to the Owen Sound Sun Times 

Jan.10/02 Editorial in Ottawa & Calgary Metropolitan Newspapers 

The Wildlands Project 

Collected Media Excerpts 

Provincial Conservative Leadership 


Letter to Snobelen 

Letter to Carr 

Letter to the Editor 

Out, Damn Naturalists 

Written submission to NE Plan Review Hearing Officers 

Required summary of NE Plan Review submission 

Appendix 1 to NE Plan Review submission re: Agenda 21 

Appendix 2 to NE Plan Review submission re: UN Land Ownership philosophy 

Oral Presentation to NE Plan Review on August 7 

Summarized Comment arising from Oral Presentation 

OPERA Submission re: Canada Environment Act, 1999 - Bill C-32 

Consensus Building: A New System of Citizen Control 

Responding to Fraudulent Consensus 

Written submission to Standing Committee re: Species At Risk Act (SARA) 

Oral submission (Woolham) to Standing Committee re: (SARA) 

Ontario Farmer magazine article (White) re: Sustainable Development 

click “Convention on Biological Diversity” review international treaty ratified by Canada

Agenda 21 - National Information 

ECO Environmental Conservation Organization

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